blink-182 Honda Civic Tour set list

To kick off the first show of the Honda Civic Tour blink-182 played some classics as well as some new material, from Neighborhoods, at the Holmdel, NJ tour date. Check out the entire set list from the group right here. We’re positive it won’t look exactly this way when you go and see them though, blink-182 will definitely change it up.

Honda Civic Tour Set List
Feeling this
Up All Night*
Rock show
Whats My Age Again?
I Miss You
Stay Together For The Kids
The Predicament*
First date
Hearts All Gone*
Man Overboard
Ghost on the Dance Floor*
All The Small Things

Travis Barker Drum Solo
*Denotes song from the new album Neighborhoods

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    Blink 182 is back and Im so excited
    to see them in concert! Heading to West Palm Beach, FL on Sept 23 to
    see them. My friend and I got really good seats @


  • Robert Perea

    I just saw them tonight (9/29) in Albuquerque. This was the exact same set list. down to the drum solo.