“Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” Could Have $53 Million Opening

Yesterday we broke the news that Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes had exceeded Friday night expectation and was headed for a strong $40 million weekend (which would recoup nearly half the film’s $93 million cost). Well, apparently everyone underestimated just how much America would love these apes because expectations were topped once again last night and now it seems the film will end the weekend above the $50 million mark.

Elsewhere at the box office, The Change-Up continued to disappoint on Saturday and is reportedly headed toward a soft $14 million opening. Critics panned it and if I had to guess, most moviegoers are simply tired of the “Freaky Friday” plot, regardless of how “different” this version of it may be.

We didn’t review Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes on UTG, but I have seen it and can personally attest to just how awesome it is. If you’re a fan of gigantic cinematic adventures you probably won’t find a better flick this year. See it.

James Shotwell

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