WATCH: Bane & Batman FIGHT On The Steps Of Gotham City Hall

Earlier this week we brought you behind-the-scenes photos of Bane & Batman on the set of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming trilogy-ending epic, The Dark Knight Rises. Now, thanks to some patient onlookers, we have footage of the scene we featured being filmed and it looks INSANE. Click below to not only watch Batman and Bane swtich blows, but also what looks to be the entire Gotham police force!

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to respect the art of filmmaking and the legacy of Batman, UTG will not be posting any footage of plot details we feel are “spoilers.” Considering the fact that everyone has seen photos of this event already, we felt this video was okay to post, but will be posting nothing that further reveals the plot and/or ruins the film in any way. Christopher Nolan is an extremely talented and dedicated filmmaker and we would hate to take anything away from someone’s initial experience with his work.

James Shotwell

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