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Hit The Lights guitarist Kevin Mahoney recently gave an interview in which he spoke about growing up in New York, his musical inspiration, and life as a musician in general. He also got a chance to speak about Hit The Lights’ new album, and the future of punk in music.

You can read a except from the interview below, and check out the entire article here.

You’ve been working on your new record for a while now – how has the band’s sound evolved since your last release?

We spent the last year having to write songs for a major label that we have since parted ways with. It left us very bitter and just tired of the whole industry. I think that kind of molded our head space for making this album. The majority of songs were written right before we went into the studio and reflect our lack of care for what any other bands are doing or what labels want us to be doing. There’s songs that are bigger and heavier, there’s songs that are quiet and kinda spacey, and there’s songs that are both, all while keeping it catchy. It’s not gonna be a record anyone expects. It’s gonna be a new version of Hit the Lights for sure.

Mahoney confirmed that Hit The Lights have left their record label, Universal Republic Records. No word yet on where they will find a new home.

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