Mike Myers Signs On For “Austin Powers 4”


Mike Myers has not been what most of us would consider a movie “star” as of late. Outside of beating the dead horse that is Shrek, Myers had a bit role in Inglorious Bastards, but otherwise hasn’t been seen since the debacle that was 2008’s The Love Guru. So maybe it is a lack of real work (or maybe just a lack funds), but it should come as a surprise to few the Myers is “signed, sealed, and delivered” to appear in currently boringly titled Austin Powers 4.

HitFix is reporting Myers is officially on board to reprise his snaggle-toothed roll, but little else can be confirmed. We do know there is no director currently, but most would assume Jay Roach would return if offered the part.

This will be the first outing for Myers as Powers since 2002’s Goldmember.

James Shotwell

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