Nightmare Of You making return to music

Nightmare of You, Photo by Julian Mackler

Brandon Reilly from Nightmare of You has posted a lengthy blog update regarding the band’s official return to music. The band has taken what Brandon describes as a “healthy hiatus,” but is ready to get back to business.

In an excerpt from the blog, Brandon writes,

I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but now I know I actually mean it when I say that I am absorbing myself fully into Nightmare Of You again. I’ve missed the hell out of it. I don’t know just how full time it’s going to be at first because everything is kind of being built from the ground up again. With the exception of my best friend/guitar player, Joe McCaffrey, I honestly don’t even know who else will be in the band. It has essentially only been Joe and myself since taking our long vacation from dirty hotels and even dirtier venues. We wrote and demo-ed some songs here and there since then, but it’s been a very casual and loose process, writing wise, and that was kind of the point since we were on a break after all.

The band has about 8 songs, which they are planning on releasing in the near future, in addition to booking some pre-production rehearsals and studio time. Though the band has previously released its music through its own label, The Bevonshire Label, they are exploring the possibility of putting out their new music on a small indie label.

The full update can be read here.

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