David Lynch Releases Details on Debut Album


Eccentric American director of film and television, David Lynch has been working on a debut album for some time now and has recently released specific details including the track list and an exciting guest vocalist. The introductory track “Pinky’s Dream” features vocals from Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ front-woman Karen O. Lynch’s electronic pop solo album Crazy Clown Time will drop on November 8 from Sunday Best Recordings and co-released by PIAS America. The entire album was written, produced, and performed by Lynch with help from engineer Dean Hurley, who plays guitar and drums on several songs throughout Crazy Clown Time. Lynch has released an early single entitled “Good Day Today” which you can stream by clicking “Read more”. We’ve also included the track listing of Lynch’s debut album.

Track Listing:

01 Pinky’s Dream
02 Good Day Today
03 So Glad
04 Noah’s Ark
05 Football Game
06 I Know
07 Strange and Unproductive Thinking
08 The Night Bell With Lightning
09 Stone’s Gone Up
10 Crazy Clown Time
11 These Are My Friends
12 Speed Roadster
13 Movin’ On
14 She Rise Up

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

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