Avenged Sevenfold to take break after upcoming shows

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold are planning to take a break after touring behind their fifth studio album Nightmare and a headlining run on the Uproar Festival. However, that break isn’t coming as soon as expected. Frontman M. Shadows says that the group is expected to visit Europe in February, possibly playing some festivals there. After that, he says, “then we’ll take six, seven months and sit around. If we decide to write, we will. If we decide not to, we won’t. That’s kind of the timetable we’re on.”

Shadows also said this regarding time off from touring and writing:

“We’ve always taken a long time (between albums), and everyone’s told us we’re stupid for doing that. But I think bands burn themselves out. Look what happened to Disturbed; those are good friends of ours, and you just get caught up in the do a record, tour for two years, do a record, tour for two years…We’re very cautious of making sure that everybody has their time. We need to go home…and make sure everybody’s mentally in the right spot to do a new record.”

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