Josh Brolin CONFIRMED As Star Of “Oldboy” Reboot


Excuse me while I vomit all over the UTG HQ. I’m sorry, but Hollywood is really starting to get out of hand with reboots, remakes, an re-imaginings. Taking something outdated and making it fresh almost makes sense, but redoing Oldboy? With Josh Brolin as the star? Are you shitting me?

Unfortunately this story is no joke. Brolin has been confirmed as the lead in Mandate Pictures upcoming US reboot of the now classic Korean masterpiece and maybe even worse, Spike Lee has been hired to direct.

I used to love Spike, I think we all did, but Miracle At St. Anna completely nailed the coffin of my interest in his films shut forever.

Did we learn nothing from every sequel that followed The Grudge and The Ring? Nothing good will come from this except a little CGI blood and a lot of hilariously angry nerd tweets about how Hollywood once again destroyed some monolith of recent film glory.

No word on a shooting schedule or release, but dates will likely begin to surface soon. Doesn’t really matter though, we have the dvd of the original (which only came out in 2003).

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