MUSIC VIDEO: Skip The Foreplay – This City (We’re Taking Over)

skip the foreplay

Skip The Foreplay, hailing from Montreal, Quebec, came to party today when they released their highly energetic music video for “This City (We’re Taking Over)” this morning. This “clubcore” supergroup features Alex Erian (Despised Icon), Tyler Hoare (Blessed By A Broken Heart) and Jonathan Cabana (Blind Witness). Seeing is believing with this party anthem so click past the jump to watch this onslaught of infectious electronic metal.

The song will appear on the group’s upcoming debut release, Nightlife, that does not have a solid drop date.

Tell Under The Gun what you thought of STF’s new music video and sound!

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  • Pyroplaya18712

    its oddly good i dont like any of there original bands so i was kinda suprised