WTF Did George Lucas Do To Darth Vader?


I was young enough when Episode One arrived in theaters to not realize what an utter embarrassment it was to the Star Wars saga. At that point in my life, I probably would have cheered and praised anything with the slightest amount of sex appeal and sci-fi, which this gave me in heaping loads, but since then I’ve realized the fool I was and hopefully by now the rest of the world has as well.

The new saga sucked. There, it has been said for what may officially be the billionth time. However, what happened in the past is nothing compared to the travesty you’re about to witness.

Recently, geeks everywhere rushed for a change of pants after learning their beloved original trilogy was finally coming to blu ray after years of demand. It was great news for about three weeks, then copies started getting to press and quickly things took a dark turn.

Apparently, George “it can be better” Lucas decided the time has come to tweak Darth Vader’s famous voice. Seriously.

Aintitcool got their hands on the following clip for proof. Click below and become enraged, then comment below with the fury of a thousand Ewoks.

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