Kerrang! reveals Nevermind cover album contributors


In roughly three weeks time, Kerrang! Magazine subscribers are in for an additional treat. The magazine is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic Nirvana record, Nevermind and will be including a free copy of the album covered by various artists in the upcoming publication. Read on for the tracklisting including the compilation’s contributors.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Arcane Roots
2. In Bloom – Framing Hanley
3. Come As You Are – Deaf Havana
4. Breed – Rise to Remain
5. Lithium – Francesqa
6. Polly – Young Guns
7. Territorial Pissings – The Dillinger Escape Plan
8. Drain You – Kids in Glass Houses
9. Lounge Act – Evile
10. Stay Away – The Blackout
11. On a Plain – Frank Turner
12. Something in the Way – Spy Catcher
13. Endless Nameless – Dangerous!
14. Sliver – We are the Ocean [Bonus Track]

The issue with the free CD will be out Sept. 21st and I see some gems in here already. Are you a Kerrang subscriber? Do you like Nirvana? Do you know how to comment? Answer these questions below.

Jacob Tender

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  • JP

    Dillinger is the only band on that track listing I’ve heard of. 

  • Clashwithreality

    Is it sad that out of all those bands, I’ve only heard of a handful of them, and there’s only I actually like? :/

  • Kerrang! Is a european mag. Ergo, european artists most americans have never heard of.

  • Anonymous

    Kerrang! Is a European mag. Ergo, European artists most people in the U.S.A. Have never heard of.

  • Way to copy and paste SPIN’s idea lads :L

  • Brant.

    Evile are the only good band on there, the rest are prime examples of the fucking homosexual sell out shit that Kerrang flogs to pre pubescent girls.