mewithoutyou leave Tooth and Nail Records


Rick Mazzotta, the drummer from mewithoutyou, recently gave an interview in which he confirmed that the band is parting ways with their record label, Tooth and Nail Records. The band is fresh off of a tour with Alkaline Trio, and is beginning the recording process once again. Mazzotta citied control issues as the impetus for splitting from the label.

Mazzotta stated,

Tooth & Nail is a great label, but at the end of the day there were a ton of things because of lawyers and organizations that we weren’t in control of; like being able to release 7”s. There have always been some road blocks in terms of everything. Right now we’re out of our contract and we feel really free. It feels like a weird rebirth as a band.

mewithoutyou have talked to a couple of other labels–both big and small–for advice and to see what their options are. They have not ruled out a self-release or starting their own label, but as of now Mazzotta was unsure of what each member is comfortable with pursuing.

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