Sumerian Records sign Make Me Famous

make me famous

What a shocker, Sumerian Records has added another screamo/electronic act to their roster. Ukrainian band Make Me Famous is the latest to sign with the label. Get a taste for the heavy that’s being brought by clicking over to the band’s Facebook and read a statement on the signing past the jump.

Sounds like an Asking Alexandria knock-off.

The band’s brainchild, Denis Shaforostov (guitar/vox), had this to say regarding the signing:

“We have a lot of big plans currently being worked out. We thank you for your patience and trust us, the wait will surely pay off in a big way. We can say this, we will 100% be touring the states full time in 2012, we promise! We will also have new music for you soon, how soon you ask? We will not know exactly how soon till our big plans are finalized… but the new songs are amazing.”

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  • This band is a group of pussys. They stole a link from two hardworking dudes that promoted music and took their hype and took the original url just to promote their band. No respect whatsoever for this AA knockoff faggot pack. Sumerian get back on your feet and sign GOOD hardworking bands