UPDATE: R.I.P. AFI was a false alarm!


UPDATE: We brought you the news earlier that punk-rockers AFI had posted a note on their official page saying the band was done, this is entirely FALSE. According to Alternative Press and the band”s management their Facebook was hacked. View the details past the jump!

Earlier Story:
One of the most influential punk bands of the last two decades, AFI, has decided to disband.

Frontman Davey Havok broke the news early this morning via the band’s message board. In his post, Havok wrote:

“This is the end. Sorry, but AFI is done.

After more than 15 years of being together, we as a band have decided to disband A.F.I. Me and Jade will still continue the Blaqk Audio project but there will be no more A.F.I albums or shows. We have matured and have other things in life that we would like to attend to. Please forgive us for the random statement but it was something we were thinking of for a while.

We will post a more detailed statement soon, keep your eyes peeled!”

This story is still developing. Stay tuned to UTG for more updates as they surface.

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  • DAYUM SON. I mean, after their last couple albums, it’s pretty clear that it was time, but still a bummer. Will always love their stuff up through Sing The Sorrow.