Autopsy to Enter Studio


San Francisco native grindcore band Autopsy have revealed that they will be entering the studio in October to record three new songs that will be part of a new album and special release to drop in the future.

After previously being on an indefinite hiatus, Autopsy decided to make an official comeback after working together again as a group on two songs for the special 20th-anniversary edition of their debut album Severed Survival in late 2008.

The band had this to say regarding the details of going into the studio this fall:

“We go into the studio at the end of October to record three new songs. It will be a taste of the new album that will soon follow. The three new songs will be released on a special release by Peaceville Records. It will also include all the EPs (‘Tomb Within’, ‘Fiend for Blood’, ‘Retribution For The Dead’, ‘Horrific Obsession’ 7″, and ‘Funereality’) that are out of print. A jackhammer to your skull.”

Brian Leak

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