AMP Music Productions announce a competition for filmmakers


AMP Music Productions, an independent record label, has announced a £11,000 ($14,893) competition for filmmakers. Contestants are requested to submit an original film, or music video, that incorporates one of four songs off of Mike Marlin‘s upcoming album, Man On The Ground, which is to be released in early 2012. The submissions can either be made specifically for the competition, or the tracks can be used to provide a previously released film with a new soundtrack. Those entering the competition are able to download the full and instrumental versions of “Heartbeat,” “Steve McQueen,” “Girl From Chelsea Bridge,” and “Left Behind” through Marlin’s website where the details on how to enter can be found as well.

Entries will be judged by both Marlin and Lee Archer, director, who will then choose two winning submissions for each song. They will be awarding a top prize of £1,000 ($1,353) and a £500 ($676) prize to the runner up, which gives hopeful contestants eight chances to win. Additionally, one winner will be selected and given the opportunity to make the official music video, with a £5,000 ($6,769) budget, for Mike Marlin’s next single.

Marlin has gained a reputation for unusual and thought-provoking videos, as his YouTube Channel shows. Indeed, so impressed were the BBC with the video to his single “Play That Game” that their subsequent trailer to the series “Luther” could almost be a tribute to it, sparking a furore of pride among Marlin’s committed fan base. Marlin was selected in HMV’s “Next Big Thing” in February 2011, following the release of his first album, “Nearly Man”.”- Louise Minter, AMP Publicity.

International artists are more then welcome to compete. November 30, 2011, is closing date for entries. Submissions must be posted onto the ‘Official Mike Marlin Facebook Page‘ as either Youtube or Vimeo links.

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