MerchNOW Presents ‘The Thrust Management Tour’

everyone dies in utah

MerchNOW is supporting a huge tour this fall featuring hardcore band Everyone Dies In Utah headlining, with support on select dates from A Faylene Sky, Serianna, and Through Arteries.

Check out all the tour dates below after the jump. You can get the list of venues as well at Everyone Dies In Utah’s Facebook page at the link provided above.

Dates are as follows:

9/21/2011 Steger, IL
9/22/2011 Custer, MI
9/23/2011 Southgate, MI
9/24/2011 Jackson, MI
9/25/2011 Newark, OH
9/27/2011 Rochester, NY
9/28/2011 Albany, NY
9/29/2011 Manchester, NH
9/30/2011 Wareham, MA
10/1/2011 Providence, RI
10/2/2011 Freehold, NJ
10/3/2011 Amityville, NY
10/4/2011 Ozone Park, NY
10/5/2011 Philadelphia, PA
10/6/2011 Baltimore, MD
10/7/2011 Virginia Beach, VA
10/8/2011 Raleigh, NC
10/10/2011 Marietta, GA
10/11/2011 Jacksonville, FL
10/12/2011 Orlando, FL
10/13/2011 Jensen Beach, FL
10/14/2011 Pembroke Pines, FL
10/15/2011 Fort Myers, FL
10/16/2011 Tallahassee, FL
10/17/2011 Baton Rouge, LA
10/18/2011 Little Rock, AR
10/19/2011 Houston, TX
10/21/2011 McAllen, TX
10/22/2011 Austin, TX
10/23/2011 San Antonio, TX
10/24/2011 Roswell, NM
10/25/2011 El Paso, TX
10/26/2011 Mesa, AZ
10/27/2011 Murrieta, CA
10/28/2011 San Diego, CA
10/29/2011 Fullerton, CA
10/30/2011 Los Angeles, CA
10/31/2011 Fresno, CA
11/1/2011 Stockton, CA
11/2/2011 Eureka, CA
11/3/2011 Portland, OR
11/4/2011 Tacoma, WA
11/5/2011 Spokane, WA
11/6/2011 Boise, ID
11/7/2011 Salt Lake City, UT
11/9/2011 Denver, CO
11/10/2011 Wichita, KS
11/11/2011 Omaha, NE
11/12/2011 Des Moines, IA
11/13/2011 St Paul, MN
11/14/2011 Madison, WI

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