The Samuel Jackson Five to Begin Recording

the samuel jackson 5

Cleverly named Norwegian instrumental post-rock band The Samuel Jackson Five have announced that they will be going into the studio by the end of the month to record their fourth album and also have plans for an upcoming tour.

We here at UTG had the chance to speak with the band about things to expect with the upcoming record. One thing they had to say right away was, “We will live up to our longterm threats of vocals.” Read through their details after the jump.

The Samuel Jackson Five are entering Andreas Bergczellis studio in Oslo in the end of September to
start recording our fourth album. In the first phase we will record 5-7 songs focusing on drums, bass
and maybe piano. The songs will be finished at different locations before Christmas and the band will
have the second phase early next year.

The whole album is not finished written, but we have so little time and so many ideas that we need
to get the first batch of songs out of our system, in order to focus on the second part. The goal is to
end up with 10-15 songs to be featured on an album running for 42 minutes.

The list of songs for the album is not final, so some details are hard to confirm. But the human voice
will be a part of the next SJ5-album – probably both with and without lyrics.

Who gets to sing on the album is not decided yet, but both people in and immediately outside of the
band has adeqate vocal chords.

The goal is to realease the album spring 2012, but it’s a moving target. However we will do all we can
to release it before fall sets inn.

We and Denovali have started booking a tour that will start in April 2012. All looks set for us to play
the Dunk! festival in Belgium and further dates will be confirmed. The current plan is to visit Belgium
Germany, Poland and hopefully a bunch of other countries, but it’s still a bit early to say just how
extensive the tour will be. We are rooting for a rather long one!

We also wish to go back to Russia at one point in 2012, and a visit to the States and Asia would be
nice as well.

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