Breaking Benjamin drummer joins Black Label Society


I personally find this news laughable. Members in Black Label Society get picked apart and thrown away by Zakk Wylde regularly.

Breaking Benjamin’s Chad Szeliga is the most recent target to put himself in the Lions path. Yes, Wylde considers himself and his bandmates the Kings of their domain. Ex-drummers for Black Label Society are as follows: Mike Froedge (doubleDrive, Speed X), Will Hunt (later joined Evanescence) and Johnny Kelly (Danzig, Type O Negative). Can you see a recurring trend here?

Read direct quotes from Chad about this position by clicking through and let us know your thoughts on the matter.

Rock AAA has reported that the former Breaking Benjamin drummer said:
“Being a hired gun can be hard. If you don’t do your job, you will be replaced instantly. But if you work hard and show the band you’re on your game, it’s a great opportunity. But you have to be hungry. You have to practice and show that you’re dedicated. Go to the extreme. If the drummer before you played perfectly but had bad stage presence, then play even more perfectly and have great stage presence. Don’t just do your job and get paid. If you love music, do it 101 percent.”

Everyone can have a solid work ethic but not everyone is fit to work alongside one of the most influential and hard-headed guitarists out there.

Good luck, Chad.

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  • Jack

    Zakk is Wakk! Who’s running the show? Your wife? Gezzz

  • Jack

    Chad, you are a sweet boy, who lights a nice cig.
    Otherwise, be quiet and kiss some Zakk-wife ass, cause that’s all you got bro!