UTG PREMIERE: A Day In The Life Of Mod Sun/Mini Music Video


Just days ahead of the release of his Blazed By The Bell mixtape (out 9/22), Mod Sun has partnered with UTG to premiere his new video short, A Day In The Life Of Mod Sun.

The short documentary, which can be viewed after the jump, features snippets from Blazed, as well as a slew of album details and a mini music video for “Windows Down.”

If you’ve never been introduced to Mod Sun or his movement, this video is an absolute must. We at UTG highly recommend clicking the social networking icons below and sharing this video with everyone you know on every network you have.

REMEMBER: Real friends tell friends to listen to Mod Sun.

This is not hip hop, this is hippy hop. It’s real and it’s a movement already well under way. Jump on the bandwagon now so you and everyone you know can feel cool when he’s on the cover of every publication from here to Russia in about 6 months (or much, much less).

James Shotwell

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  • Zac HB

    Imma be honest, I wasn’t up on the Mod Sun thing immediately. He’s from right outside of my home city and a lot of cats here aren’t sure what to think about the dude. From the moment I came across his material I knew he was doing something different, and I knew I liked what he was trying to do, but I wasn’t sold on the music. Let me just put it bluntly for you, Mod Sun is living the way he wants, making the sounds he wants to, and inspiring people as well as influencing they all think. He’s always been attempting to do all these things at once, and it hasn’t always been real balanced, but dude has got so much drive and has been building it for so long that it’s all starting to come into the light for him. I really hope the rest of this new tape is as ill as what I’m hearing on this video, ’cause lord knows I’ve been on and off with the really popped out stuff that he dropped on In Mod We Trust.