The Smashing Pumpkins release track-listing for ‘Oceana’


The Smashing Pumpkins just announced the track listing for their upcoming album, Oceana, which has failed to secure a release date.

TSP will also be playing a two week tour starting in October with the full view of their routing being seen right here.

Seems as if the band is back in the swing of things after not long ago getting back together. To see the track listing or have any thoughts please click through.

1. Quasar
2. Stella P and the People Mover
3. Panopticon
4. The Celestials
5. Violet Rays
6. My Love is Winter
7. One Diamond, One Heart
8. Pinwheels
9. Oceania
10. Pale Horse
11. The Chimera
12. Glissandra
13. Inkless
14. Wildflower

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