The Get Up Kids Break Up After Euro Tour


The Get Up Kids have announced that they will be breaking up after the groups’ current European tour.

The band have issued an official statement that states that TGUK are breaking up to “do some different projects.” We can only imagine that Matt Pryor will probably record another solo record, who knows.

“Hey friends, a heads up too, if you are thinking of making it out to one of the upcoming shows. This is most likely the last chance to see us over in Europe for a while – we are all pretty much splitting off to do some different projects once we’re back home. So if you’re saying “I’ll see it next time…” you may well have a long long wait! See you soon, then?!”

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  • This story is not accurate. See below:

    “OK. To clarify the earlier post – we are not ‘disbanding’, like Punktastic seemed to say. That would imply the band is splitting up, again. Nope. Not the case. Not even a hiatus. Just means that we are taking some time to work on other things, and we might not make it to Europe again for a while. End of story.”

    “Did we mention the band isn’t breaking up after this European tour? (don’t believe everything the internet decides to erroneously write) :)”

    Source: 30 Sept 2011

  • Grant Trimboli

    Thanks Crystal, I posted this yesterday.

    And we already updated it.