Get Up Kids Clarify Split Rumors


The Get Up Kids are not breaking up. They are, however, not returning to the UK anytime soon. This didn’t seem like complicated news when it broke yesterday, but a few confused blogs have caused a mess and the band has reached out to calm frustrated fans.

A message released from the band this morning reads “OK. To clarify the earlier post – we are not ‘disbanding’, like Punktastic seemed to say. That would imply the band is splitting up, again. Nope. Not the case. Not even a hiatus. Just means that we are taking some time to work on other things, and we might not make it to Europe again for a while. End of story. Hiatus is a tricky word now. it means taking a break for sure. though most of the time with bands ‘going on hiatus’ really means they are splitting up. which is why we didnt say ‘we are going on hiatus’. got that?”

What else needs to be said? Everyone needs to calm down and stop contemplating downing a fifth and hitting the Mass Pike at reckless speeds because this isn’t the end, just a pause from performing in the UK.

James Shotwell

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