Indie Film Spotlight: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Sundance Film Festival 2010, Midnight

We’re sure you’ve noticed by now, but film has been becoming a very large part of Under The Gun Review. We are all huge film buffs and felt we could save everyone a few clicks by expanding our coverage (and honestly, it’s nice not having to write about (insert band) premiereing/unveiling/announcing (insert event) over and over again).

This spotlight will highlight a new/recent/upcoming independent film that we feel you need to see. The Harry Potters of the world will always be successful and easily available on Netflix, but indies need your help and contributions to survive and thrive. Just like local elections, your descisions really do matter here. Support independent cinema!

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Since Airplane first captivated moviegoers in the 80s, spoof movies have been a beloved, albeit treacherous, subgenre of film. In fact, of the dozens that have hit screens and shelves since then, I can name less than a handful that I’ve truly enjoyed, but those that clicked did so to an incredible degree. Eli Craig’s Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil (in theaters now) is one of, if not already my favorite, of those few.

Taking place in an ambiguously rural part of America, Tucker And Dale follows two best friends (T&D) who become the victims of mistaken identity after an attempt to save a drowning coed is confused by the coed’s friends as kidnap. Those friends, lead by one who is obviously dealing with some pretty intense issues over his childhood, then decide the best resolution to the situation is (obviously) hunting down Tucker and Dale, killing them if necessary, and saving their friend. As you can assume from the first paragraph, this sets up what quickly becomes the funniest plays on the “survival in the woods” that’s ever been put to screen.

Now I understand that simple explanation may turn some of you away, but I guarantee this is one film anyone able to appreciate comedy and lighthearted pokes at death will find amusing. Eli Craig and his team have created a world that feels completely authentic, both for Hollywood and the real world, which in itself needs to be congratulated. However, it’s what they manage to do within that world that will leave you standing in front of your television (or in the theater if it comes to your town) applauding. Everything, from the directing, to acting, lighting, and script hits that pitch perfect level of finesse that so few films, especially in this genre, ever achieve.

I want to go in depth, but I don’t want to ruin a single frame of this gem for anyone. Just know that this is a film unlike anything you’ve seen and it deserves your full attention. The trailer can be viewed below and a feature with Director Eli Craig will appear on UTG sooner than later.

Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil is without a doubt, one of the year’s best. Find it. Buy it. Watch it. Repeat. You won’t regret it.

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