Sum 41 Health Issues Finally Surface

sum 41

Sum 41 have had to cancel handfuls of their shows over the past couple of years. The reasoning has been somewhat foggy to the fans. The bands guitar tech just recently wrote up a long explanation on the condition of guitarist and lead vocalist, Deryck Whibley.

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To some of your knowledge, Deryck has had back problems, stemming from an incident in Japan.  Despite his health issues the band has persevered and has been non-stop touring. This in turn has taken it’s toll on Deryck, which has forced the band to cancel their shows. Playing on stage for hours at a time, sleeping on tour buses, flying long distances and constantly being on the road will wear anyone down. Even if you don’t have any health problems.

We will be sure to keep you fans updated as hopefully his health improves. Please leave your thoughts below.

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