UK Man Poses As Oli Sykes, Attempts Murder


A UK McDonald’s employee has been sentenced to life in prison after posing on Facebook as Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes and attempting to murder a teenage fan.

David Russel, 20, is now going to spend the rest of his life staring at steel and concrete after kidnapping and attempting to murder a US citizen, according to a story on DailyMail UK. Russel (pictured here) posed as Oli Sykes on Facebook in 2010 and shortly thereafter befriended unsuspecting nineteen-year-old Marcier Bendicto from California.

After developing a relaitonship online, David invited Marcier to visit him in the UK. There he took her to the woods, a place he told her his grandfather took him as a child, blindfolded her because he said he had a “surprise,” then proceeded to slit her throat.

Fortunately, the cut wasn’t as deep as David had hoped and Marcier, realizing what was happening, lept up, removed the blindfold, and attempted to get away. David caught up to her, stabbed her in the back, hit in the face with a log, stabbed three additional times, and headbutted before being left to die.

Marcier managed to make to reach a nearby house and call for help. The police were able to track David down because Marcier had left his address at customs when she arrived.

Russell must serve a minimum of seventeen-and-a-half years for the crime, but that can always change.

UPDATE: Oli mentioned the situation on Tumblr with the comment, “Guy nearly kills someone posing as me, not cool.” You’re right Oli, that is not cool.

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