FEATURE: Who Will Direct The Steve Jobs Movie? Who Will Star?


The tragic news of Steve Jobs’ death arrived late last night. This is a true loss to not just the computing world, but the modern technological world as a whole. I can’t look around my house without seeing something Steve Jobs was at least partly responsible for. My phone, my computer, my music player, pretty much every aspect of media and entertainment in my life was somehow touched by the man. There is no doubt in my mind that a Steve Jobs biopic is coming soon, and that’s where I come in. 

Steve Jobs led a short, but highly eventful life. A movie chronicling this would really have to cover most, if not all, of his time on this world. With this in mind, I think the best director for the Steve Jobs biopic would be David Fincher. I’m not making this conclusion based on The Social Network but based on his film The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. The way Fincher handled an entire life’s story in a small window was nothing short of a feat, and may be one of the greatest (fictional) biographies on film. I think this makes him the perfect choice to handle Steve Jobs’ story. There would be a good mix of lightheartedness and a great sense of accomplishment with a delicate ending that leaves no dry eye in the audience.

Bryan Cranston

Getting the right man to play Steve Jobs will make or break the film. You have to have someone that can play young to old and has every range of emotion mastered in their resume. Bryan Cranston is that man. He’s proven time and time again that he’s a great actor. Everything he’s in is solid gold. His performance in Breaking Bad is award winning time and time again. Just put him in blue jeans and a turtleneck, set him loose on film, sit back, and wait for the Academy Awards.

You can’t have a Steve Jobs biopic without having a Steve Wozniak, and there’s really only one choice for the eccentric programmer: Patton Oswalt. If you’ve seen Big Fan, you understand. Oswalt has the ability to be serious when needed, and he could definitely play a man who was married to Kathy Griffin. Oswalt has the right build, and the right amount of nerd, to nail this role.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I want to assure you I, in no way, mean to capitalize on tragedy. His death will be on everyone’s minds for days, and my mind belongs to films, so this is a natural thought process for me. I wish the best for the Jobs family and all those close to him. Leave your love for Steve in the comment section. R.I.P. Steve Jobs, you will be missed.

Written By: Justin Proper

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  • MMM

    David Fincher did an amazing job directing the movie The Social Network. Moreover, to direct a steve job movie I think that Fincher is perfect for the job. I believe that he is capable of making the movie so accurate, from the start to the end. He can show the begining of steve jobs cancer and how he dealt with it, with all the success of his Apple products. Furthermore, he can show how started creating the Apple products, how did he come up with these idea and so on. Last but not least, they should also chose a perfect and accurate actor for the role who can study and observe the personality of jobs. I’ve never seen any of cranstons work before, however if people believe that he’s accurate for the role than thats PERFECT.

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