[Another] MOVIE TRAILER: The Muppets


A new trailer for The Muppets has arrived online and you can view all the puppet-y fun right here on UTG!

We’ve seen a lot of adds for the upcoming return of The Muppets, but this is actually the first trailer to show anything related to the plot of the film. Apparently Amy Adams and Jason Segel, along with a muppet named Walter, travel from their home (we’re guessing the midwest) to Hollywood in search of the Muppets. Upon arriving, the trio realizes no one cares about The Muppets anymore and then (of course) decide to help them out. Yes, it’s obvious. No, we don’t care.

Everything about this film looks fantastic, even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of anything previous related to The Muppets. Jason Segel poured himself into getting this made and it looks like it’ll be bigger than even he imagined.

The Muppets opens everywhere November 23.

James Shotwell

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