Emmure Frontman Has Choice Words For Ex Drummer


Continuing on the news that broke two days ago regarding drama within Emmure. Drummer Mike Kaabe was kicked out of the band via text in response to the videos he posted on their Myspace page. He did this without the permission from the group or Victory records. Kaabe was supposedly kicked out the band for his continuous drug use and drinking problems. Mike Kaabe states that they were the drug users and not him. There seems to be some confusion on what really happened.

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Both parties seem to be accusing each other of the same things. Frontman Frankie Palmeri hoped on Twitter to state his thoughts on the subject. His tweet read, “Slander on my name. Aint nothing new. For the record me and jesse write ALL of the music including the drums. So Suck my dick,” he also added, “Hey so should I do a press release on what REALLY went down? Ehhh…nah. That fucking loser has it coming to him.” These are harsh words but as of the validity on all these accusations is in the air.

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