Fred Durst Signs TV Deal, Officially A “Douchebag”


Some stories fall out of the industry like gifts from the sky or Christmas come early. This one is three Christmases combined.

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has signed a deal with CBS to develop a new primetime sitcom tentatively titled Douchebag. The series will star Durst, who you may remember from :30 seconds in Zoolander, as a “rock legend looking for balance between his high-profile lifestyle and trying to raise a family.” CBS has committed to at least reading the script, though no actual shoot/pilot date has been announced.

This could quite possibly be the greatest thing to happen to television since television. No one ever figured Durst for the modest type, but producing your own show about being a “rock legend”? Really? Memorable, yes, but no amount of Chocolate Starfish can make Durst a legend. Not saying he won’t get there, he’s just not there yet.

Further, does anyone else think this sounds like Hannah Montana from the Billy Ray perspective, only with more jokes written by fired Two And a Half Men writers?

We can only hope this deal turns into a show. Cross your fingers now, the internet, as well as your love of lols and gifs, needs this.

James Shotwell

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