Alternative Press interviews Spencer Smith of P!ATD


Alternative Press caught up with Spencer Smith, drummer of Panic! At The Disco, in Sacramento, California after their show in Reno, Nevada.

Spencer talks about touring, new music, cover songs, and more. He also talks about the incident with Brendon Urie possibly having Malaria. (Brendon was unable to perform at the Salt Lake City show last week, and doctors couldn’t rule malaria because they were just in Indonesia.

Check out part of the interview below. Fans can read the whole interview here.

Are Ian and Dallon writing with you guys?
They have been! You know, it’s been something we had been letting happen organically, not really setting any rules. Brendon works on stuff by himself all the time, but there have been a couple times where it’s just like, “Okay, we’re all just sitting here in the middle of a field playing some German festival, and there’s nothing to do. There’s just mud everywhere you can see.” Those times lead to everybody collaborating on whatever Brendon or whoever has started working on that day. That’s led to some cool things. I think we’re going to let it keep growing naturally and see what happens, and not really have any defined roles.

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