Drake All Over SNL


It’s safe to say that if his rap career ends anytime soon, Drake would have great fallback plan as a cast member on SNL. You can check out his spot-on performances from this weeks episode after the jump.

The first video is a rock-heavy version of “Headlines,” a performance where Drake set the pace for the evening with an energetic set backed by a full band. In my opinion not even Lil Wayne could rock that hard.

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In his first skit Andy Samberg sat down with Mr. OVO for what turned into an awkward interview segment. With a good attitude and a Crosby sweater, Drake was the perfect calm and collected anchor to Samberg’s crazy character.

Next, Drake graced us with his presence in full werewolf costume and unveiled hi Halloween plans alongside SNL cast member Jay Pharoah. In a twist the two “teenagers” would be bag jackin’ this year. In this hilarious skit Drake combined his comedic side with musical talent.

Drake’s last performance of the night featured label mate Nicki Minaj for “Make Me Proud.” A performance equally as good as his first, only made better by the absurdity that his Ms. Minaj.


“Make Me Proud (Feat. Nicki Minaj)”

“A Brief Interview W/Drake (SNL Short)”

“Bag Jackin’ (Skit)”

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