Sam Adams To Release New Single “Blow Up” On November 1, Possibly Sooner


UPDATE: We recently updated this story. Click here.

Boston’s Boy Sam Adams has had a crazy 2011. From studio time to touring, he’s been firing on all cylinders and today’s news shows he’s not slowing anytime soon.

Just a short while ago, Sammy announced via Twitter that he’s planning to release his new single “Blow Up” on November 1. He did tease that he might release it sooner, which is likely considering he has a massive hometown show on Halloween night, but no further details are available at this moment.

UTG has been following Sammy for awhile now and couldn’t be more excited to hear new material. If you still don’t have his Party Records mixtape, click here and download a copy today!

James Shotwell

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  • Hahah

    Yooo where is this song?

  • Anonymous

    We reached out, waiting to hear back!

  • Sammy Fan

    for someone who claims to love his fans more than any other artist, sammy has been messing with his fans a lot. it’s tiring.

    i was a sammy fan first, and i remember when sammy had more fans and followers than mac miller, but mac has blown up because he treats his fans right. he constantly gives updates on what he’s doing, releases new tracks almost bi weekly.

    sammy doesn’t tell his fans anything, barely releases new music (even the occasional throwaway track would be appreciated, especially after mediocre Party Records)… this song is late, the album is scheduled for “fall/winter”, and even after he tweeted it’d be out Monday it’s now Wednesday and he doesn’t tweet any update for his fans. sammy you had a great fan base, but you’re squandering, you’re disappearing, and it’s a simple matter of honestly and openly communicating with your fans.

    sorry for the rant but sammy i used to be your biggest fan, and still am, but it’s hard to keep justifying that.

  • Sammy Fan

    still fucking love you to death, just come on sammy, your fans haven’t felt the love back recently. we want to see you HUGE as much as you do