BREAKING NEWS: Jonny Craig Arrested For Felony Narcotics Possession(s), Due In Court Tomorrow


Earlier today, Under The Gun received multiple tips informing us Dance Gavin Dance frontman Jonny Craig had been arrested in or around Vacaville, Ca. We would never post a story we hadn’t researched ourselves, but knew the story would come out whether we told it or not, so we set out to try and confirm every detail we could.

After reviewing yesterday’s arrest record for Solano County (where Vacaville is located) California, we discovered Jonny, or Jonathan as he’s listed on public record, was booked on multiple drug-related charges including two felony counts of narcotics possession and a misdemeanor related to possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

Following this discovery, we contacted Vinelink (a service that supplies information regarding inmate locations, charges, and trial dates) and discovered Craig is being held on the following charges: 2 counts of illegal drug use, 2 counts of possession of narcotics, and 1 count of failure to appear. His bail is currently set at $15,000 and he is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow, October 21, at 1:30pm at the Fairfield Superior Courthouse. At the time of this post (4pm EST), he is still incarcerated and has no release date.

Those interested can view the public record of Jonny’s arrest after the jump. This story is still very much developing and likely to change/evolve with time. Stay tuned to Under The Gun Review for additional details on Craig’s arrest and the future of Dance Gavin Dance.

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  • What a scumbag.

  • Huge waste of God-given talent.

  • Drugs are Good

    who gives a flying fuck, everyone knows a lot, if not most band guys do drugs and some of them get busted just like every drug user. beating a dead horse here. 

  • wwormwood

    who cares

  • Jonny seriously needs to be back in rehab to get clean! He’s a damn good musician who needs help so stop fucking talking shit! 

  • CruelHand

    Hope he gets put away for a long time so I don’t have to listen to his shitty music.

  • you dont gotta listen to his “shitty” music even if he isn’t locked up, der.

  • Blackfade

    smh……. jonny get it together!!! :(

  • still the best singer out there

  • realtalk

    most of you sound so fucking ignorant. you have no idea how impossible it is to come off of theat kind of addiction. you have to change your whole life. cant drink or even smoke. there is an 80 percent relapse rate with narcotics or heroin in specific and if youve never been addicted you have no idea how it actually feels, affects your life, and even the way you percieve yourself as a person. the guy is a singer. just because lots of people look up to him doesnt mean hes not a normal person. im sure most of you have someone in your life whos dealt with something similar. scamming fans is fucked up, but when you have that kind of addiction it feels like you might as well die if you cant have it. you start using just to feel normal. i have not experienced this personally but a close family member did almost the exact sort of lifestyle and struggle…minus all the “fans” judging him and giving him shit. its a long road to go down. i feel bad for jonny and hope he can leave getting fucked up in his past. but i will tell you one thing, he can only do it with support…not with a bunch of ignorant people judging him

  • Chell

    Why Jonny, why?
    And the people who say, ‘who gives a shit’ obviously don’t appreciate the voice and talent this man has. Your loss.

  • Preach It


  • Michelle

    I agree.
    except I don’t think his use of drugs is an excuse for scamming his fans. I don’t think there is ANY excuse for that. I feel like it should be let go at this point because as terrible as it was, he apologized and I think he paid people back? But it’s gotta blow over sooner or later.

  • Asking

    They drug was Heroin  I know because Im friends with they one of the guys in the band. They told jonny after the CSU show that he needed to get clean or they werent playing on the next tour. He was in vacaville because thats where is dealer lives. And I hope he does go to jail then maybe he can have a place to get clean. He really needs to get clean or else no ones going to want to work with him ever again

  • Grant Trimboli

    Not even close, bro.

  • Jonny you cant go to jail I still need my macbook!
    Seriously though, this guy was blessed with all the talent in the world and he cant man up and get his life together. Pathetic.

  • Dabba

    No one should be defending him. There’s no justification for what he is and has been doing. It’ not like he’s doing drugs on accident. It’s his choice. He deserves punishment. Rise records got him out of the problem last time (the Mac book scam). I don’t think they are coming to his rescue this time.
    It’s funny. He told AP magazine that the past should stay dead. His past isn’t dead and that’s the problem. It’s very much alive. If it were dead, then it wouldn’t keep coming back to haunt him. 

  • Aaron

    I have no argument against the fact that the chemical and psychological addiction he is trapped in is excruciatingly difficult to surpass, but at the same time he wasn’t born an addict. He made the choices that got him where he is today. 

  • joe mama

    lol this guy sucks.

  • Jared

    And whose fault was it that he was even addicted in the first place? WE’RE ignorant… right.

  • imabumtoo

    Bum for life….

  • I wonder if he’ll sing I Still Feel Her in prison.  That’d be awkward.

  • Tiffany

    I can honestly say I hope Jonny Craig has to do time in jail. Don’t hate on this and call me ignorant. I have been supporting him for 3 years now. He’s extremely  talented and an awesome performer live. The one time I met him he was a sweetheart to me which explains why I look up to him. But, to be honest…I’m sick of all this bullshit. Dance Gavin Dance should of kept Kurt Travis they made such a mistake in their music career bringing Jonny back. Back then when Jonny was originally part of the orignal line up…people quit because of him. He was doing drugs even then. He’s been on and off. Yes, I understand it’s an hard addiction but it really doesn’t look like he gives a flying fuck if he quits what he is doing. But, in my personal opinion is it YOUR choice to do drugs. If he really wanted to quit he would have.He needs to go to jail and learn a life lesson. He needs to learn that everyone after all the shit he pulled is sick of seeing their favorite performer falling to the deep end. He deserved to get charged for the macbook incident in the first place. I respect his voice, but I no longer respect him as a person. He ruined my favorite band yet again and I’m sick of all this shit. He’s selfish and doesn’t give a flying fuck. He thinks he is great and he knows no matter what people will look up to him as god. 

  • Really would love to see a prison photo.

  • Jacob

    He needs help. He’s a sick sick guy. He’ll die if he keeps it up. 

  • Does this mean I’m not getting my macbook?

  • Anonymous

    You act like he doesn’t give a shit about anything but himself, but he cares more about the music than he does, his life. He’s pointed that out many, many times. I’m not justifying what he does, but having him pinned as a terrible person who likes to sing well, isn’t what he’s about.

  • Ctrevino_06

    I know what u are saying. My babys dad is a heroine addict luckily he’s in rehab. Im not with him any more but when I was with him he was on that drug. It was hard when I found his needles and the relationship crumbled after that. You have to want to get clean and stay clean something I honestly think that johnny has come to terms with. These people think they can get clean in the matter of months but its impossible. He needs a sober buddy full time

  • Sinishad

    he doesn’t give a fuck about the music, cause if he did he’d be like craig owens or ronnie radke or ozzy osbourne who kick their addictions so they can keep making music.  jonny’s not making music anytime soon considering the fact he shells his cash on drugs and will apparently be behind bars pretty soon.  There is no justification.

  • spoofdigg

    the dude is kinda stupid if you ask me…. gets his ass caught up with the whole imac scam bullshit and now keeps continuing this life while his fans watch him… i thought the dude was done with the drugs… at least havent heard of his ass doing them since his whole going to rehab… jonny man… stop letting your fans down… i understand that its hard to quit man… and you propbably could fucking give two flying fucks about what people think about his actions… and i am not too sure how the whole rock and roll lifestyle is but i know when you are still continuing doing the drugs while fans are in the long run getting so fucking irritated… i know eventually people are going to get discusted of jonny craig… they wont care to even listen to the dude… he has a voice and that is it… his life is fucked if he doesnt quit… hopefully the money and fame will overpower the “ADDICTION!!”

  • Jimmy

    Realtalk, he lost the right to respect or sympathy the first time he took such an addictive substance. He knowingly caused this situation himself in one decision, to take the drug knowing that it could cause him to become addicted, ruin his own life and other’s too. Whilst I genuinely do wish him to get better, such talent should not go to waste, if he does not get well it will be his own fault, not for simply just being addicted, but ALLOWING himself to become addicted.

  • realtalk

    you sound like you are basing every judgment you make off the fact that you think he ruined your favorite band. your a fan, you cant control the band. they made the decision they made for a reason and put out a dtbm2 which was amazing. this band, jonny, no one owes you anything. they are the ones making music for our enjoyment(with little in return now days). just sit back and be a fan. all music aside, you still have no idea or right to judge his life. yes it is YOUR choice to start taking drugs, but not all people know the long term consequences when they first start. the drugs he was on literally change the serotonin levels in your brain. someone, especially a fan, who doesnt understand that kind of addiction has no right to pass judgement. its not just black and white…there is a grey area that a lot of addicts get stuck in where they truly want to quit, but they cant do it on their own. especially on tour. he doesnt need jail, he needs rehab for a month minimum and to get on some type of prescription that can ween him off his addiction. 


    disappointed.. but not surprised. wish you would take of yourself better jonny. i feel sorry for you. you are so talented and you just dont give a fuck.     

  • Overrrdose


    But apart from that he scammed my roommate for $700 dollars. I’m gonna talk to the press so they can release that too and this piece of shit never gets out of jail. She has pain problems and needed Oxycotin from him. So he sold it to her, and then this shit happens! GREAT!

  • Tracie_lynnxx

    god i really hope he comes out of this alright. He’s been through enough and adding this on top of everything will just make his life even more difficult to survive. Best of luck with everything jonny.

  • Nolooking2

    Jonny hit me up when your out i got some H leftover and we can shoot up in my car and be friends

  • woohooo, you can get clean jonny!!!! ik i did but took years.

  • Admin

    Vinelink shows he is still in custody, other places have reported that he has a hearing on November 1 at 10:30 am.  Would be nice if one of these “news” sites would actually do some reporting so we knew for sure though.

  • Good one

  • I hope he goes to jail so he can get clean you know

  • SMcB

    i love doing things on accident, prick

  • Admin

    Checked vinelink, shows he was released on 10/31 and given probation and you can probably guess that he is already on a 4 day binge.  Go Jonny!

  • Dontcare

    clearly you do since you read the article and took the time to post a comment.

  • Anguscole76

    Dont keep locking the poor guy up For one his voice is to good we neeed him on the outside to keep charming us with his wonderful voice.What they ned today is give him a mandatory year long rehab to try to fix the problem.

  • Rawkinben

    Yes but is there a cure for being a HUGE douche?

  • Toriajank23

    I don’t care what any of you say, Jonny is a fucking musical God and I support him one hundred percent. <3

  • Anonymous

    I love Jonny’s music so much, it’s such a shame all of this happened.

  • Prayforothers

    I know jonny personally. He has a disease called alchoholism that is difficult to recover from but can be done if one is willing and honest. The problem is he’s also a sociopath, a mental illness that is incredibly difficult to treat. By its very nature, a person with this pathology can not be honest with themselves or others. They are pathological liars and selfish to the core. It’s sad because no person chooses to have a mental illness or alcoholism.

  • Ally

    He can scam me anytime! He’s fuckin sexy!!!