THE DROP: Single from Delta Heavy, EP from Play Me Records, and Free Tracks!


The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the latest installment of our electronica feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

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Hello, Bassheads, and welcome to yet another edition of the best free weekly electronic music dishout on the web! This week, we’ve got a choice selection of filth for the bass connoisseurs out there, as well as some bitching new tracks to pick up the old fashioned way… you know, with money. So why don’t we dive right in and have a listen?

  • NEW SINGLE: Delta Heavy – Overkill / Hold Me

Check out this video, son! It’s like Happy Tree Friends had a sick love session with Superjail and gave birth to an unsettlingly cute, “I can haz acid” cat. The video is top-notch is what I’m trying to say, so show your pixels some love and bump this thing up to at least 720p before enjoying. Delta Heavy is due to release Overkill/Hold Me on Sunday, so get your preorders in here. Two words for you, Delta Heavy: Pro. Fessional.


  • NEW EP: Play Me – Flight or Fight

First, listen to this song. Then, go here and get out your plastic. The new EP from Play Me Records is called Flight or Fight, and it’s available now for your purchasing, remixing and performing pleasure… Or, just to stick on your iPod. Flight or Fight features some of Play Me’s key artists, namely Calvertron, Messinian, Helicopter Showdown, Will Bailey, Hot Mouth, and The Killabits. This mix is truly filthy.



  • FREE SONG STREAM: Hollywood Undead – I Don’t Wanna Die (Borgore Remix)

Hit that 720p! I shouldn’t have to tell you… Hey, you guys like Hollywood Undead? Me neither. But Borgore makes me want to cry bloody tears of ecstasy, and this remix is no different.  This one is going to be coming out November 21 on the forthcoming remix album by Hollywood Undead, American Tragedy – Redeux. Until then, you can listen to the best track right here!



  • FREE MIX DOWNLOAD: Skankhouse TV – DB Round 1 (Doctor P vs Flux Pavilion)

I found some really cool “Dubstep Battles” on the YouTube, and wouldn’t you know it, there were free download links!  I know you’ve likely heard most of these tracks before, but not in this setting. Check out Dubstep Battles Round 1 – Doctor P vs Flux Pavilion by downloading it from this link.



  • FREE MIX DOWNLOAD: Skankhouse TV – DB Round 2 (SKisM vs Zomboy)

Here’s the link for Round 2 – SKisM vs Zomboy. You can give it a listen in the stream above before downloading to get a feel for the mix.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Fytch Remix)

Feeling Good by Nina Simone (Fytch Remix) by
Michael Buble? You missed your generation and your name is hard to read… Boom, roasted. Muse? I hear Radiohead, but I don’t see Radiohead… Boom, roasted. Frank Sinatra junior? You played yourself on Family Guy… Boom, roasted. Nina owns these vocals. She brings the jazz, and the soulfulness of her voice knows little competition. Fytch does a great job of supporting her dominance of the track. The drums are leveled perfectly, and the lead melody is simple but effective, with pleasing textures. The background choir adds a lot to the depth. The vox are layered very well, and the glitch-effects are tastefully utilized.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Quartus Saul – Dinner For Two

Dinner for Two by Quartus Saul by

It’s obvious to me now, that Mickey Rourke was born of a cyborg and a robot in the year 2525, and came back in time to do two things: Play Marv in Sin City, and be sampled as the filthiest, most gravely vocal track for a dubstep song ever. I’m laughing, because the filthy bass wobble is having a hard time competing with Rourke’s leathery, utterances. Thanks for the sound, Quartus. And Thank you Mickey, and by the way your new nickname is Robothroat…. It’ll catch on.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: High Rankin – Cut You Down (Alexis K Remix)

Cut You Down by High Rankin (Alexis K Remix) by

Right away, you’ll notice how thick that bass is. The drums are tight and chunky, and the vocal track is subtle and very well mixed. When the bass drops in, you probably wont lose you hat over it… it isn’t massive, but it’s still very good. The bass lead is tubular and expansive, quick and deadly. With it’s minimalism, it’s impressive how much this song accomplishes. It carries you through time with ease and comfort, and the bass comes in at all the perfect moments to bump the energy up a notch.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Bullwack – Captain Planet

Bullwack – Captain Planet (free DL°) by Middle Finger Music

This one gets me… Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for 8-bit. Maybe it’s the dynamic chording and the overtly expressive lead melodies. Maybe it’s just because this song is tits. My point is, I don’t know the reason for everything, alright? Just listen to this song and tell me it isn’t sick! The vocals are very limited, but perfect. The 8-bit is… just a delight. And the bass leads compliment the simplicity of the 8-bit stuff fantastically.


  • FREE TEASER DOWNLOAD: Morgan Page – In The Air (Mord Fustang Remix)

In The Air (Mord Fustang Remix) Teaser by morganpage

Morgan Page has been one of my favorite producers. In my opinion, his vocalists are typically unmatched. Somehow Page seems to uncover some of the most unique, most outstanding female singers. If you’re familiar with Page’s work, you’ll notice right away that this one is a clear example of him stepping up his game even further. The single is available for purchase at iTunes and Beatport. You know, I just don’t understand why Morgan didn’t make it onto DJ Mag’s Top 100 this year… He’s deserved a spot on that list for years.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Minoru – Masternap

Masternap by Minoru by
The drums in this track are superior. Minoru put serious time and thought into this piece. The melodies are unique and expressive. The progression is essentially a two-chord stepper, but the instruments never get boring as they dance around the familiar beat. Formant saws give it a disco-ish groove, and buzzing bass leads tear through the background ambiance like a chainsaw through pedestrians. The fuzzy high-end leads give a moment of reprieve, before the bass crashes in and spins you out of control.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Figure – This Is Halloween

This Is Halloween by Figure by
Not yet it isn’t, Figure. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Seriously, though? Good work. I’ve never heard a remix of this song sound so professional. Come to think of it, I’ve never heard a remix of this song at all. But now that I’ve heard this one, I don’t need the original anymore. Figure gets better and better without exception. Grab this one up, so you too can say that you liked him before he was super famous.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Filth Collins – Feed ‘em to the Pigs

Feed ‘Em To The Pigs by Filth Collins by
Moombahstic vocals give way to a very “Rusko” groove, with glitzy, sliding leads and fuzzy, thunky bass elements. Light glitch fills in the blanks, and the simple drums make for a good platform. Filth Collins is good, and he’s proved so in the past. This one isn’t holding up his namesake. Don’t get me wrong- I like it. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s “filthy.” That’s sort of like saying Taylor Swift “rocks,” or saying Rebecca Black is a “musician.”



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Megaclown – Snake

Snake by Megaclown by
Okay, this one is great. This exemplifies the kind of filth that I set out to uncover every week. Megaclown uses a vast selection of voices for this piece, and the track is densely packed with sound. The sweeps and pads are excellent pace-setters, and the drums are top-notch, both in use and in sound quality. The familiar ear can definitely detect some of the influences Megaclown has pulled from, but he reuses what we like in a fresh way… and that’s exactly what we look for in a creative producer. This is solid, and a great addition to your collection of dub.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The Digital Connection – Mirror Illusion

Mirror Illusion by The Digital Connection (Dubstep.NET Exclusive) by
The environment in this track is echoey and dark. The lead-in instrument establishes the tone and pace confidently. The beat is slow and open, which makes you as a listener feel restrained, held back. It makes you wait, and you develop an impatient anticipation for what’s to come. When the drop finally hits, the fast, triplet wobbles and quick changes balance out the openness of the beat with grace. The wobbles are large and dynamic, and sharply fill the beat- all the while amping up the energy level significantly. It’s unpredictable, yet metered with a comforting certainty. The background keys never give up, and bring you back home in all the quiet parts.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Michael Jackson – Thriller (Wick-it Remix)

Thriller (Wick-it Remix) by
Wick-it doesn’t just Wick-it… He Kills it. He bends this song over your moms couch and makes it his. And let’s face it, would Michael complain? This is another one coming in a little early on the Halloween train, but who can resist a good Michael remix, in all honesty. As much as I never liked the guy, his voice was unmatched. I’m starting to wonder if the trick to writing a good song is just putting some Jackson in it. But nay… all credit mustn’t go to the dead weirdo. Wick-it champions this song.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The M Machine – Promise Me a Rose (K Theory Bootleg)

Promise Me a Rose Garden by The M Machine (K Theory Bootleg) – Dubstep.NET Exclusive Download by
The beat has a relentless marching feel, and the sidechain use is just impeccable. It gives a perfect wave to the grove. Do I hear trumpets? This song has Spanish awesomeness, mixed with industrial stomp. The chords come in slightly and in very short doses, but they bristle with energy, and the brightly shimmering intervals paint the rest of the song in benevolent light. The wobbles here are truly filthy, and the kick and snare couldn’t be more perfectly oppressive. With an unpredictable rage like lightning, the bass seems to strike wherever the fuck it pleases. The vocals (very Regina Spektor if you ask me) are lo-fi and match the scratchy-phonograph tone of the song perfectly.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Prince – Seven (Love and Light Remix)

PRINCE- “Seven” (Love And Light Remix) WAV DOWNLOAD by Love and Light
This song is bubbly, happy, outdoorsy, and it reminds me of pretty lights. The groove has a distinct early 90s appeal, with poppy drums and major chord progressions. That, along with the formant instruments make this a festival-bound song, perfect for dancing to in a large crowd of people, enjoying the sunlight and the open air. It’s hard to not sing along after about two listens.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (At Dawn We Rage Drumstep Edit)

Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (At Dawn We Rage Drumstep Edit) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Midnight Conspiracy
This is a filthy stomper from At Dawn We Rage. The main voice in this track sounds sort of Wolfgang Gartner mixed with a heavily distorted guitar. The vocal samples are… tired, lets admit it. I like the “gangsta” thing, but who hasn’t used it? All in all, this is a good song, and great in terms of production. Perhaps not a standout, genre defining track, but definitely one worth having.



  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Bad Rabbits – Booties (Big Chocolate Remix)

Bad Rabbits – Booties (Big Chocolate Remix) by Big Chocolate
Big Chocolate (personally, one of my favorite new-ish producers) is calling this style moombahwhateverIwant. The beat is very dutchy, and dare I say jump-dance inducing. The textures are angry and thick, the bass is rude and killer. The drums are awesome, but there’s something really fuzzy about this track, and not in a good way. It may be mixing, it may just be quality-of-recording, but either way something in this track isn’t getting through. All the elements seem to be in the right place, and the track flows with confidence and real appeal… but it’s just difficult for the ears to approach. Anyway, it’s a fun track, and for better or worse it’s a great source for more inspiration.



Okay, bassheads, that’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope this weeks bass selection meets or exceeds your standards. I’ve had a great time dishing out these tracks to you, and I hope that your day is just that much brighter because of it. Thanks again for reading, and I’ll see you all again next week- same place, same time. Peace!


Jake W

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