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The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the latest installment of our electronica feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

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Hello once again bassfiends, and welcome! Today is Friday, and you know what that means- free freaking filth, that’s what! Halloween is coming up this weekend, so you’ve got to have your trick-or-treat playlists stocked, amirite? I’ve got a ton of filthy treats in store for your goodie-bags this week, and I brought enough for the whole class, so what do you say we dive right in and immerse ourselves in some free subsonic soundscapes?


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD*: Nero – Promises

Yes, an asterisk. And no, no stream. I wouldn’t share if it wasn’t worth it though. It’s only free for the downloading for a couple more days, because it’s the free single of the week on iTunes. “Promises” is one of the popular singles off of Nero’s full length album Welcome Reality, which dropped this summer. In my opinion, Welcome Reality is one of the greatest albums this style of music has seen thus far. This is an amazing track, though, so get it free while you can (assuming you don’t already own Nero’s Welcome Reality, which you should).
Get it here.

  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Girlstep – Twitching Dinosaur (TIMarbury Remix)

Twitching Dinosaur by Girlstep (TIMarbury Remix) by
I’m not to familiar with either artists here, but this is an interestingly filthy piece, nonetheless. The beat has a real snap to it. the melodies are dark, melancholic, and to-the-point. The samples are fun, but sparce. The style shows a real knack for the dubstep groove, and I’m definitely excited to hear more from both Girlstep and TIMarbury in the future.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Embryon – Hourglass Nebula

Embryon – Hourglass Nebula by Play Me Records
Here’s a “Deep Minimal” piece from Embryon. It probably not what you’re used to, but it’s still really cool. Embyon consists of Cyberoptics and Jordan Brolin, and is largely Alex Epps (Cyberoptics) foray into downtempo, chill music. This is the first half of the free EP released by the group through Play Me Records this week. It starts out with creepy, militaristic radio-vocals, and ambiance like strained breathing. Dark, distant piano lights up the atmosphere like a smokey stage, and electronic signals and sweeps wash the track in a bleak, dystopian light.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Embryon – Fragile Thoughts

Embryon – Fragile Thoughts by Play Me Records
Here’s part-two of that EP from Embryon. This track is right up the same alley: piano driven, with military-industrial sounding elements. The subtle, chunky wobbles on the bass barely tickle your ears, and the snapping fingers that serve as a proxy for the snare drum give the whole song a particularly noir groove. The track is vast and spacious, the instruments are all expertly balanced, and the whole thing feels very complete, despite it’s admirable refusal to lean upon catchy vocal hooks. Grab it up, fiends. Give your brain a num-num.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The Prodigy – No Good (Arkasia Remix)

No Good by The Prodigy (Arkasia Remix) by
This kicks off like a 70s car chase flick, and lets up like a hurricane. Forty-five seconds in and you’re thinking, “Sneak attack.” This choon is sweet and filthy, but appropriately balanced with light, fun melodies and gloriously unpredictable fills. This track is dynamic in all the right ways. It’s… whatever the exact opposite of boring is. The samples are classy, an elegant touch. The drums sound very natural, and stomp good and hard, giving the whole choon a lot of good vintage personality.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Misfits – Halloween (Figure Moombahcore Edit)

Misfits – Halloween (Figure Moombahcore Edit) by Figure
This is why I do this, folks. Every once in a while I turn up gems like this track. I probably say it every time, but Figure seems to out-do himself with every release. Moombahcore has arrived, my friends. No, I don’t know what it is, but I’m not going to deny it because I just heard it with my own ears.  Do yourself a favor. Download this now. Put it on your favorite playlist, and tuck it right up under that new Skrillex single.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLAD: Skrillex – Right Here (Mizuki’s Last Chance Remix)

Right Here by Skrillex (Mizuki’s Last Chance Remix) by
This track was already a blaster, and Mizuki’s Last Chance puts it through a delightful gauntlet of new sound. This interpretation is one of the best I’ve heard so far. I particularly enjoy the 8-bit melodies and the glitchy, cut-and-pasted vocals.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Nicki Minaj – Shitted On Em (Calvertron Remix)

Shitted On Em by Nicki Minaj (Calvertron Remix) by
More solid gold from Calvertron, this one is an neck-breaking banger drenched in filth. It’s like Michael Meyers threw a triple-kegger shit-show in my skull, then killed all the guests. The kicking, screaming feel of this jam is sure to get your blood surging… out of your ears.



KVLT by At Dawn We Rage by
At Dawn We Rage have quickly made a name for themselves over the last year or so, and this track is a perfect example of their uniquely clean style of filth. When this beat drops in, you’ll be thinking, “Damn, it just got chilly in here!” So crank this one up, and don’t be afraid- the reverby keys will take you away while the natural-feeling, spunky drums set the pace at cruising speed. It’s got just enough wonk in it’s step to be supremely interesting, yet calmly reassuring.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Cassius – I Love You So (Tambour Battant Remix) (Tim Ismag EDIT)

I Love You So by Cassius (Tambour Battant Remix) (Tim Ismag EDIT) by
Massive choon right here. This thing drops from two miles up, and doesn’t stop at the ground. The keys are deceptively serene, then the sawtooth-bass-monstrosity swoops down and gobbles up your kids like they were Wheat Thins.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: K Theory – Funk Symphony

Funk Symphony by K Theory by
K Theory is quickly gaining my attention as a serious player, especially when I hear a release like this. The lead-in has the raw attitude of a robot beatboxing match The warbly, piercing leads and the contorted, edgy bass draw the same appeal as earlier work by Trent Reznor.


Okay bassheads, that’s today’s sampling of dubby, bassy, (sometimes spacey) music from the electronic realm. The bass cannon is smoking at the barrel, and once again needs reloading. I hope you’re satisfied with the selection this week, and may you all have a spooky Halloween weekend!


Jake W

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