Metallica Cancel Concert, Fans Lose Their Minds, India Gets Pissed


Metallica were supposed to perform in India this week, but decided, at the last possible minute, to cancel. Fans found out and, as history shows again and again, metal fans lost their minds.

According to (reps for) Metallica, the event was cancelled after the band learned of the show’s lax security, which reportedly was letting people in without even checking tickets, but obviously not before thousands of people had arrived for the gig. Upon learning the band that rarely ever plays in India was now canceling their performance, fans went apeshit and in starting destroying public property. You can see a news report documenting the outrage and damage after the jump.

NDTV is reporting that the four men behind the concert have been arrested for “Cheating.” We don’t have this charge stateside, but from what police are saying it essentially means they’re being charged with overselling, lying to the public, and being all round douchebags. Still no word on their possible sentence, but something tells me robbing the 25,000+ people that came to see Metallica that night will not end well for them.

James Shotwell

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