THE DROP: Free tracks from Datsik, MANTIS, Filth Collins and More!


The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the latest installment of our electronica feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

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Welcome back bassheads! It’s friday, and you know what that means: Free bass music! This week on THE DROP, the big question is, “Where is the chase, and how do I cut to it.” So no more shenanigans, lets get into some music!


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Tim Ismag and Perfecta – The Matrix

Tim Ismag + Perfecta – The Matrix (PLAY051FREEBIE) by Play Me Records

    Here’s a free treat from Play Me Records. You might notice the very nostalgic samples in this one. It’s a truly a heavy reinterpretation of the themes from the film of the same name. It’s dark, dystopian, and banging- no complaints whatsoever.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: NEUS and The Noisy Freaks – Game Over (feat. Nalesia)

Game Over by NEUS and The Noisy Freaks (Feat. Nalesia) by

    The synths are crystal clear, luminescent and expressive. The vocals feel natural, and sound excellent. The groeve flows in a very agreeable way, and all of the sonic elements are balanced wonderfully, both in dynamics and tambre. The conservative beat utilizes infrequent and subtle cymbal work. It sets the pace just right, without stealing too much of your attention from the sometimes brilliantly complex melodic flow.

Shit Talk by MANTIS by

    Nerve gas, incoming! This Beat is dominant and filthy, and the samples KILL! Does anyone know where the “shit” monologue comes from? The sub bumps like a party in the Caribbean, and the bass synth drops in like a Martian death-tripod (heat-rays blazing a path down Wall Street). MANTIS is composed of Paul Ollinger and Taylor Scott of Atlanta, GA. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely excited to hear more from these guys.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Kanji Kinetic – Deep Down South (Wick-it Remix)

Kanji Kinetic – Deep Down South (Wick-it Remix) by Wick-it the Instigator

    I’ve really been liking all this Wick-it the Instigator stuff that’s been coming down the tube these last few weeks. This one isn’t winning any filth awards, but its a fun groove none-the-less. Great breakbeat tracks, awesome buildups, and a distinctly Bassnectar-y texture to the drop. The samples are light and fun, and the progression is the stuff of earworms. Beware, you may be fighting to get this one out of your head.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: NastyNasty – Out Here VIP

Out Here VIP by NastyNasty – Dubstep.NET Exclusive by

    NastyNasty, I like the style! Right of the bat, I can tell NastyNasty has a serious ear for quality (as well as an eye for catchy names). The sweeps fit just right, always making you anticipate the very next moment in the song. The vocals are mixed and modulated professionally, making every iteration intriguing in it’s own right. and the textures of these instruments (and the environment) on this track are just pristine. It might not strike you as a dance party banger right away, but there’s a lot of soul in this blippy, wobbly, ambitious song.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Hangm_n – Chicken Scream

Chicken Scream by Hangm_n by

    This is fast and abrasive, and I love it. The theme establishes quickly as a raucous, stretchy, sliding high-register synth loop that sinks into your brain and anesthetizes the area, preparing it for full impact. When the densely-textured bass strikes, all of the tension set by the lead-in releases into a zooming, wobbly, industrial stomp-fest. The melody comes back in to save you once in a while, and then the bass leads take you back down into the trenches for another round. It’s like a Slipknot video on ecstasy.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: DJ_Nando – Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat ! [Read Description] by NandoBeats|★.✞.ⓑ |

    Great Horns! The orchestral stuff gives this piece real depth, in contrast with the swirly, linear electronic elements. It’s long, but it’s entrancing, and it always maintains a forward-drive. It’s a fun song to zone out to.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Chris Young – Hellraiser (Ill-esha Remix)

Hellraiser by Chris Young (Ill-esha Remix) by

    I like the “enchanted forest” environment people seem to be going for with their tracks this season. The strings, hollow beat, old-timey sample, and thick bass give this song all the character of a century-old cinema on Halloween. Kudos to Ill-esha, for giving this track a zap of the creepy and fantastical.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Vismets – Wasted Party (Son Of Kick Remix)

Vismets “Wasted Party” (Son Of Kick Rmx) *FreeDownload by SON OF KICK

    The vocal track here is amazing, and the detuned, warbly key-hits are a perfect match. It fades into a sharp guitar riff, and builds up with sick electro drums. Then it drops into a slow-spinning, expectation-exceeding ambient bass groove. The oscillations are vast, the use of panning is at the forefront of the , and it works wonderfully. Son Of Kick FTW.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: NEON CLOUD – Knit (Sun Glitters Remix)

NEON CLOUD – Knit – 04 △ (Sun Glitters Remix) by Sun Glitters

    Not your typical filth, granted… But I doubt that a sophisticated audience such as yourselves could find a gripe with this track. One commenter describes it (I think pretty accurately) as a “wall of glitter.” The sidechain is bouncy and perfect, the vocals are a saturated mess of delight, and the ambient elements are seamless and emotive. Thanks for opening our minds just a little bit more, NEON CLOUD and Sun Glitters.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Pasteman ft. Dorrie, Manik – How Long (Filth Collins Remix)

Pasteman Ft. Dorrie, Manik – How Long (Filth Collins Remix) by *Manik-Skillful Attitude

    God, just listen to that snare, right!? *bump. SMACK. *bump. SMACK. Wait… Ow, what is that chick doing to the beat? Shut up! Everything about this track is grimey and delicious, except for the ass-reeking female vocals. Filth Collins does his best with a chick that sounds like some depressing goth version of Pat Benatar sans-the-presence. I say he does his best, because she really brings the track down. It’s good… then she opens her mouth… then it’s good again for a midge… then she opens her mouth again. No amount of reverb in the world could make that palatable- I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but my ears are offended enough for the both of us, I assure you. Collins, I know it isn’t your fault. Nice… everything else.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: PotatoFinger & Fabian – Unearthed

PotatoFinger & Fabian – Unearthed by FABIAN

    The effects on the vocals here are uniquely ominous, and superbly glitchy. The Drop is simple and enjoyable to-the-max. There’s a particularly vocaly sweep that comes in on the fourth measure of nearly every phrase that makes the whole piece seem abstractly tense, like a soul being dragged through telephone lines. The track defies expectations in terms of progressiveness and melodic expression… it starts out banging and dark, and takes a turn for housey and industrial gradually throughout. By the end of the song, you feel like your strutting down the sidewalk of a cyborg New York in some strange electric future where everyone has a badass soundtrack.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The Glitch Mob – Bad Wings (Skyless & Evil Bastards Remix)

The Glitch Mob – Bad Wings (Skyless & Evil Bastards Remix) [FREE D/L] by Evil Bastards

    Generally speaking, most players don’t dare take up the torch of remixing instant classics from the likes of The Glitch Mob, but Skyless & Evil Bastards have done the unlikely, and processed this piece into a fresh new masterpiece. The Skyless & Evil Bastards version is, above all else, wobbly. They’ve brought a tasteful edge of filth into the otherwise tidal-wave-like, saturated soundscapes that Glitch Mob tends to offer. They drain away a little of The Glitch’s charactaristc wetness, and fill it with thick, coiling bass grooves. It’s a heavier new look for this track, and I must say it wears it well.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Datsik – Blaze It Up

Blaze It Up by Datsik by

    Datsik, Datsik, Datsik… You’ve always been one of my favorites, so don’t take this too hard. The vocals, dude. I see what you’re doing, you’re moving in the right direction, but this isn’t a positive step for you man. You’re so talented with the minor details, and your skills with sound engineering from a creative standpoint is often unmatched. I can tell by the sheer quality of sound in all of the elements individually, but the vocals… It’s like you brought your girlfriend into the studio at the last second and said, “Sing me something… catchy,” and this was her first try. For the record, it isn’t catchy- it’s nasal, simplistic and annoying. It just doesn’t fit. Come on, man, you don’t want to be Borgore. I won’t be so brash as to say it sounds like a regurgitation of JENOVA with a half-assed attempt at melody, but it definitely doesn’t have an identity of it’s own, if that tells you anything. Datsik, no hate man. I know you can do better, because I’ve heard it. So, thanks for the freebie either way. Just, for Gods sake, keep this one away from your “best of.”
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Xtra Testosterone – Raw (Original Mix)

Xtra Testosterone-Raw(Original Mix) by XTRA TESTOSTERONE

    The kicks have great personality, the vocal track is dynamic and bouncy. The snares are sharp and snappy, and the dutchy, moombah-y, beat is sustained perfectly by the growling, sliding bass lead. The transitions are expertly timed and executed, and the melody is simple yet complete. The buildups are equally simple, but have a way of spinning out of control at just the right moments. The stereo-panning is once again a superb centerpiece to the drop-ins, and the sidechain makes involuntary dancing nearly inevitable. It’s one of those songs that, going into it, you feel sort of like, “hmm, wheres this going to take me?” Then minutes later, you’re still wondering where it’s going next, and you’re just sad that it’s over. It’s a great trancey banger that really taps into the joy of anticipation in a simple, elegant way.
  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The Werewolf by Figure vs. Throw It Up by Lil Jon (Styles&Complete Mashup)

The Werewolf by Figure vs.Throw It Up by Lil Jon (Styles&Complete Mashup) by
These two songs are like angry, twisted, long-lost twins, and Styles&Complete have reunited them. Figures classic drumstep filth matches Lil Jon’s gravely style perfectly. Listening to this, I’m getting worried about how I’m supposed to sip my crunk juice through a gas mask.


Okay, bassheads! All done! Once again, you’re goodie bags are bursting with bass, and my ears are ringing with delight. I hope you all enjoyed the free stuff I was able to find for you all this week, and I will see you all here again next week, same time, same place! Peace, brothers and sisters!

Jake W

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