Five Iron Frenzy Plan “Something AWESOME!” For November 22


Defunct (?) ska band Five Iron Frenzy are keeping rumors of reunion alive and well today with the creation of a Facebook event simply named “Something AWESOME!”

The posting, which lists the event as taking place November 22, offers almost no information aside from a link to the group’s official website and the comment “Are you ready to pee your pants?”

The answer, based on the 300+ “attendees” already replied, is a resounding “Yes.”

We will keep you updated as this story develops. Feel free to leave your thoughts on what this “something” could be, below.

James Shotwell

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  • Luke Chavez

    If FIF returns this could be the reason for the world ending in 2012 : )

  • @google-99b3d8f6296174291f39b3c2ad06a048:disqus they are just giving us a going away party of awesome! 

  • It will be a video of the band eating hand fulls of mayonnaise.

    Or they will just be announcing they are never getting back together.