Lady Gaga Announces New Single, Plans Longest Video Ever

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga revealed on Twitter today that not only will she be performing her new single at the Bambi award in Germany tonight, but fans around the world will get their first look at what she’s calling her longest music video to date.

The news has been rolling in all afternoon from Mother Monster, who chose to break every detail over Twitter, but it’s the video that has us most intrigued. Longest video to date? Were any of us asking for something over ten minutes? Anyone?

Regardless of if we want it or not, Gaga plans on giving us the first glimpse of the story she “never told us” sometime tonight and we’re interested to say the least. Are you? Comment below and let u know!

James Shotwell

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  • I’m curious to see what Lady Gaga is going to do this time. I feel flying monkeys may be involved.

  • Grant Trimboli

    There is a chance that might happen haha