Landmines Are Officially “No More”


Richmond, VA hardcore act Landmines have revealed in a lengthy statement, on their website, that the group is “No More.” Disappointing to hear but it’s positive that they will all remain great friends.

Please feel free to read the statement that guitarist Tony Marston wrote right here:
“So it’s with heavy hearts that we have to drop this bummer on anyone who dug this band, but as it stands right now, Landmines is no more. It’s been a fun time, making music and touring the world with some of my best friends, but everything comes to an end, whether it’s something awesome or something lame, we’ll let you be the judge of which we were.

This band started as a group of friends getting together and jamming on (what we thought were) righteous punk rock tunes over cold (and sometimes not so cold) beers. Luckily, that never changed. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way. Our drummer, Patrick, has moved to Philly, and our singer, Paul, has moved back to Mass, both for very valid reasons, and the rest of us would never hold that against them, but we have realized that a long distance relationship is not for us.

Honestly, these are only a couple of the countless reasons the band has run it’s course, they just happen to be that proverbial last straw. There’s no hard feeling between any of us, we all love each other very much still and are still very stoked to get together over cold (or not so cold) beers.

I consider everyone that was a part of Landmines to be friends, on top of being rad musicians, and i can’t wait to hear the bands we all end up in. Keep an ear out for us, i don’t think anyone in this band could ever stop playing music.

We want to thank Vinnie and the folks at Paper+Plastick for supporting our addiction.

If you’re one of the handful of people that was into the band, then thank you, and we appreciate it. Now go make your sandwiches.”


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