UTG PHOTOS: Blood On The Dance Floor (11/5/11)


From UTG photographer Kellie Gannon:

This past weekend I stopped by Peabody’s in Cleveland to check out Blood on the Dance Floor with Angelspit & New Years Day on the All The Rage Tour.  The venue was packed, almost to capacity, & the energy was more apparent than ever.  If you’ve never had the chance to see any of these bands lives, you are missing out on quite possibly the most unique show of your life.

The show began with New Years Day, from Anaheim, California. In lead singer Ashley Costello’s signature style, we were treated to beautiful, edgy vocals, visually paired with her own “Living Dead Girl” style & complete with fake blood written across her chest.  New Years Day rocked out with songs from their 2006 release My Dear as well as their release from this past June, The Mechanical Heart.  In typical creep fashion, this show took place just days after NYD’s favorite holiday, Halloween, but dates are a minor detail when Halloween is every day for NYD.

Next up, Angelspit took the stage, making sure to note that they were “from Hell” & going to rock our faces off.  Before the five piece from Sydney, Australia even started, it was evident that their set was going to be unique & unlike anything I had ever seen before on that stage.  I had spotted vocalist ZooG amidst the crowd between sets, & upon inspecting his unique headpiece, a studded mohawk, I already knew I was in for a treat.  This was again confirmed while walking past other vocalist, Destroyx, & her flawless over-the-top makeup & layered ensemble, which can only be described as seeming inspired by both doll & dominatrix styles.  And I was right, between the crazy lights, strobe, fog, buzzing energy, & unapologetic antics, Angelspit inspires a “be who you are” attitude & embody it to the fullest.   Angelspit’s fourth album, Hello My Name Is, was just released on October 11, 2011.  A quick onstage cameo from Jayy von Monroe (BOTDF) surprised the crowd at the end of Angelspit’s set, then it was time for a brief intermission.

Anticipation was building as fans crowded even closer to the stage, with chants for Dahvie & Jayy reaching new decibels. Then Blood On The Dance Floor came out & the crowd went absolutely insane, which is actually an understatement. BOTDF is every bit obscene, promiscuous, unrestrained, extravagant, suggestive, & unapologetic about being themselves, no matter how wild & extreme that may be.  Somewhere somehow they have bottled up endless amounts energy, are excellent in engaging with their fans, & their unparalleled personalities create a show that leaves an impression on you long after the show ends.  My two favorite moments of this show involve Jayy bringing out and twirling around a lit up hula hoop, & Dahvie’s intricate angel wings at the end of the show.  I was fortunate enough to catch BOTDF at Warped Tour this past summer, & knew what to expect, but this show topped my expectations & I left the show still processing the insanity I had just witnessed & wondering when we can catch them on tour next.  All around, amazing lineup & a show that left a lasting impression.  BOTDF’s most recent release is a compilation album, The Legend Of Blood On The Dance Floor, released on Halloween in celebration of their four year anniversary.  Next to expect from this unpredictable duo is (R)Evolution, set to be released on February 14, 2012.  Check out all the photos from this show below!

New Years Day


Blood On The Dance Floor

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