REVIEW: A Loss For Words / Such Gold – Split 7″

A Loss For Words

Artist(s): A Loss For Words & Such Gold
Album: Split 7″
Genre: Pop Punk/Rock
Label(s): No Sleep Records / Mightier Than Sword

The thought of two of the best up and coming Pop Punks releasing a split 7-inch with two popular and emerging DIY labels, sounds incredibly exciting. The two bands in question are Rochester, New York’s Such Gold and Boston, Massachusetts’ A Loss For Words. Both are bands that have slowly and firmly been gathering on both sides of the Atlantic for the best part of 18 months.

The four-track split is jointly being released by two of the most well-respected DIY labels at the moment. No Sleep Records is home to the likes of Into It. Over It., Koji, Aficionado, Santah, Touché Amore and more. Whilst Mightier Than Sword Records is better known for re-pressing releases from Blink-182, The Ataris and The Movielife, but it’s roster does have notable name such as Bayonet, Last Call and So Many Ways.

Whereas both Such Gold and A Loss For Words are grouped into the Pop Punk genre, this 7” clearly shows that they each have characteristics which makes them individually stand out.

Such Gold’s first offering is “Scoreboard,” a thriving, energetic piece of harmonious Pop Punk with crunching guitars and fast-paced drums, which gives way to an aggressive, feel-good chorus with the somewhat inevitable gang vocals being thrown in. It’s a strong opener and showcases Such Gold in a good light.

Their second track, “Backyard”keeps up the momentum with pounding drums (courtesy of Devan Bentley) and slicing guitars suitably backing up Ben Kotin’s raw, bold vocals. Like the bands first number, it shows what Such Gold are all about; fast, melodic yet fierce. Although “Backyard” is the weaker of the two offerings, with “Scoreband” having more potential and gives high hopes for the bands forthcoming full-length early next year.

Whilst Such Gold come across as a more (heavy) Pop Punk band, anyone who is familiar with A Loss For Words will tell you they’re more melodic and offer favourable hooks. Because of this, it is no surprise their two contributions are tightly driven by Nevada Smith and Marc Dangora’s stringent guitars and Matt Arsenault smooth, clean vocals.

“America Needs A New Sweetheart” is an upbeat, bright number that goes along a comfortable, enjoyable pace with a bursting chorus that plain and simply works, and is a precise example of how Pop Punk should be. A slick guitar riffs compliments Arsenault’s faultless voice.

AL4W’s second track, “Thomas vs. Luongo” is more of the same; foolproof guitars help benefit Arsenault. Although the track starts off promising, once it settles down it, the track does not have the rewarding pay off you hope for. Instead it ends suddenly and despite it’s good chorus, the over-distorted guitars become a distraction and makes the finish sound slightly messy.

Nevertheless both bands have produced admiral tracks that sum up what each other are about. Such Gold bring the thriving Pop Punk style that is at home in intimate, chaotic shows, and A Loss For Words have the more conventional Pop Punk style, one that with bold chorus that have plenty of lasting appeal.

Like a lot of split EP’s, this will benefit both old and new fans. For new fans it is a suitable introduction and gives a clear indication of what both bands do. Whereas for old fans, the Such Gold will tie them over until their promising full-length; even though I hope it offers more variation. For fans of A Loss For Words, it will make up for the weaker moments of their recent “No Sanctuary,” as their two offerings are more incline to the AL4W that won fans over previously.

Overall it is a worthwhile release for fans of both bands, but it is certainly not a must have. If you’re not a fan of either band, or Pop Punk itself, this is one to avoid.

SCORE: 7/10
Review written by: Sean Reid

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