MUSIC VIDEO: Cody Simpson – Marvin’s Room (Drake Cover)


Arriving just in time to ride the release week wave of Take Care, fast rising pop star Cody Simpson has released his cover of “Marvin’s Room.”

Entitled “Evenings In London,” Cody Simpson is really setting himself apart in his genre. Accepting the challenge of covering Drake is something only a few would even dare attempt, but Simpson has gone above and beyond to make the song his own. The beat is fairly close, but not exact, and all profanity has been switched for lines about Simpson’s jet-setter life. Family friendly, but still quite depressing. Checkout the clip for yourself, after the jump.

We’ve been hearing about Cody Simpson for a couple months, but he never really arrived on our radar until we saw this clip. Serious potential here, but we’re still not familiar with his original works. Are you into Simpson? Comment below and let us know!

James Shotwell

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  • Simpsonizerforever

    Cody started off back in his hometown of gold coast australia, Posting covers on youtube when music producer shawn campbell found him and flew him out to Atlanta. And it started there, being uphill. His coast to coast ep is out right now and full album to be out this march. 

  • he’s amazing as always. <3 

    follow me on twitter :3 @AllCodySwagge:twitter 

  • Sarah

    Cody is so amazing & talented! And i LOVE evenings in London, us Simpsonizers got his back;)

  • numberrr onee coddy fan right heree <3

  • cody simpson is amazing. i love him. i have been there since 2010<3 and i dont plan on going anywhere anytime soon. at all. you should check out his latest ep Coast to Coast. (thats my favorite our of the 2) he has his first full length album coming out in early 2012 which has been said. 

  • that would be me(;

  • codysimpsonfan4life!!!

    cody is amazing! you should watch his other music videos like “on my mind”, “all day”, “not just you”

  • i love cody Simpson <3 hes amazing. i love his music. and i wanna meet him someday <3

  • Sopaid

    Same Here!!!

  • I love Cody <3

  • Sharonrfloyd14

    yes i love him he is the best but i really wish i could meet him he is so hot and sings amazing

  • TashaKaratzas

    Been here supporting Cody from the start <3 He is my inspiration and one day I hope I can accomplish what he has :) I'm from Australia too and seeing a young vocalist like him come out of our country and make it big really does give me hope :) so if Cody ever looks at this, thank you so much xo

  • he is amazing and his musix is amzing :D<3

  • i met him [:

  • 143 Forever <3


  • cody simpson is my inspiration<3 i love him more then any singer! & i always will . i really wish i could meet him and he would come to London or Toronto, Ontario, Canada ..(: but i can always wish 143<3

  • Cs14372

    cody is amazing. he is an inspiration, and my idol. im a simpsonizer, angel, and for ever a fangirl<33 hes gone so far. and is so down to earth its almost unbelievable. its my dream to meet him, and i know one day, i will.

  • I loovvee him!!! He is a brillant, cute, adorable, sweet singer that I cant stop listening toooo

  • ashleigh

    I love you cody <3

  • Tsanford1998

    I LOVE Cody Simpson so much i have maybe 100 pics of him on my phone and facebook i lisen to his music everyday i love him so much im am trying to save up on money and buy his cds and posters I think that he is really cute and from so youtube videos he looks like he is a pretty nice kid I really think he is cute but its not just about the looks <3 <3 I love you Cody  Simpson, and you should too :) <3 <3

  • wilmaheartcody

    i love him even if he never notice me :(

  • I <3 Cody

  • he is the best, he is my inspiration, he is gergeous, and i love his music :) i hope someday can meet cody simpson :’) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CODY :’)

  • Emma

    I love him.  1) He’s too cute!!  2) He sings amazingly!!!  3) He’s Australian!
    Cody Simpson is the love of my life and I am determined to marry him someday. <3<3<3

  • i love u ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • qyymh

    I’m so into Cody Simpson. <3

  • hey baby i was born on jan 21 1998

  • Joymichal_aspiras

    i <3 his voice man.. wish i could sing a cuet with him(:
    i <3 ur songs Cody

  • Cody Robert Simpson is “Perfect.” “Iyiyi.” could listen “All Day.” He is always “On My Mind.” Cody its “Not Just You” that loves u it me 2

  • Joy


  • Su08032528

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    ^_____^  i love u cody simpson

  • supporting cody from the start and always will!! he will be the biggest thing on the planet one day,,, I LOVE YOU CODY SIMPSON!!!!!!<3

  • Chelchau143

    i love cody simpson so much <# simpsonizer for life

  • Jess1998

    i love you so much cody i listen to your songs every single day you are such a great singer and to top it all of you are the hottest guy on earth love you 

  • Kaylabieber99

    This is amazing! I love Cody a lot. His voice is beautiful!!! Im so proud to be a an Australian! makes me really PROUD!

  • love cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 seen him in concert 3 times(: and met him twice!

  • Marym20

    i fudging love cody simpson hes hot, smart a good singer and a great role model! <33333

  • Ilovecodysimpson

    You are “Perfect”.I love u. you’re “on my mind” “all day” <3

  • Animal_Lover

    I love cody Simpson (: He has an amazing voice and i really like this vide ^

  • Zacktrumper68

    Here is a perspective that does not take into consideration his looks :P. Cody Simpson originally was found by Shawn Campbell and produced some rather ‘amature’ in my opinion tracks which were aimed at 9-13 year old girls. In an interview prior to his recent release of his Coast To Coast EP he mentioned he is expanding his music for a wider audience as he is growing himself and has grown mentally and physically. This song is yes off genre for him but he pulled it off very well as you could say ‘like a pro’ it is even in competition with the original. 

  • danceninja

    ok im a fan but all these comment are just sad

  • secret admirer

    i’m definitely in to him! whoooa cody!!! i wish you’ll have a concert in the Philippines

  • guest

    He Is The Most Talented 14 Year Old in The Singing Industry. He Is The Best You Could Get!! There Are No Words To Describe How Amaing He Is

  • Kimi1733

    i luv u cody r. simpson you so sexy mhhhhmmm