Artist Vs Poet Are Planning To Release EP/LP

Artist Vs Poet

Artist Vs Poet have announced some exciting news for all of their fans recently. The group are ready to start writing a new EP and LP with the help from various sources out in Los Angeles.

The entire statement from the group can read below so check it out!

The band made the following statement:

“Many of you know that we recently moved from Dallas Tx to Los Angeles Ca and that the purpose was to get Artist Vs Poet back in full swing faster. Since we have been here some amazing things have already begun to unfold. Not necessarily in the exact way we had imagined them but when one door shut another seemed to open immediately. One of the doors that opened was meeting a talented producer/singer/songwriter kid named Mat Musto also known as Black Bear, with whom some of you probably already know. We also met an equally as talented producer/songwriter who goes by Griffin Beats.

It means that Artist Vs Poet has decided to start recording TWO ALBUMS with Mat and Griffin. We are going to do an EP and a Full Length. We will be releasing the EP on a “pay-what-you-want” donation box. So you can download it for $0 or $10,000. Whatever you want. Then soon after that release we will release our follow up Full Length
Unfortunately because of the recording schedule and time frame of completing TWO ALBUMS we will no longer be able to fly home and play Unsilent Night 4. WE ARE INSANELY BUMMED.We tried our best to work it out where we could both play the show and record the two albums but it just wasn’t a possibility.
If you bought tickets to see us at Unsilent Night 4 please email us at with proof that you purchased a ticket(s) and we will send you 3 items to show our appreciation for your support and to apologize for canceling the show You will receive a personalized card with a message from all
of us as well as a free download of our new single “Doin’ Alright” and our next
unreleased single “Wasn’t Worth It”.
We will be releasing “Wasn’t Worth It” via iTunes and YouTube this coming Tuesday
Thanks for all the continued support and new support. New music and shows are soon to come so stay tuned.
We love you all

-Jason, Dylan, Joe”

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