THE DROP: Free album + video from Kraddy, songs from Flux, Zedd and more!


The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the latest installment of our electronica feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

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Hello and welcome to yet another edition of THE DROP, where I scour the web for the sickest bass music to pour unto the masses. I’ve got a diverse selection for you all today, complete with a free album, a top notch video, a few mixes and the usual blasting of free songs. So without further ado (and hopefully without any more awful cliches), let’s get into some music.


  • FREE NEW ALBUM: Kraddy – Anthems of the Hero

Kraddy has dropped his debut full-length album… for FREE! It’s called Anthems of the Hero, and it can be downloaded below. Check out this video he dropped on monday of the lead single off the album, “Black Box.” The track is a slow-burning grinder rich with sonic diversity. It winds down, and then kicks back in with locomotive drums that sound like they came right off Zeppelin’s IV. It’s a simple groove with a massive host of detail and production value, and very, very easy to listen to.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars – Young, Wild and Free (Karetus Remix)

Young Wild and Free by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars (Karetus Remix) by

I’ve always been a sucker for keen mashups, and this one is no exception. I love when artists exploit the often-ignored similarities between different styles of music, and I think most would agree that dubstep and hip-hop go together like hookers and cocaine. This track is a vessel of filthy drops- capped with grimey raps, and filled to the lid with creative expression. It’s hard to get tired of the groove here, and frankly, it’s about time someone really dropped it like it was hot.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (iNexus Remix)

Bass Cannon by Flux Pavilion (iNexus Remix) by

I think Flux achieved exactly what he was hoping for when he wrote “Bass Cannon.” Love it or hate it, the song will never die- and I daresay I will never get sick of those marimbas.  This remix is as good or better than any other I’ve heard before. iNexus takes the song to a new level of expression, and brings out the subtle potential that the track wells with.  The sub is fresh, and the beat is stompy and heavy. The quality of the recording is top-notch as well, and leaves nothing lacking in terms of the listening experience.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Protohype and Khemehk – ShadowFax

ShadowFax by Protohype and Khemehk by

When I was 15, I really wanted a horse, just so I could name it Shadowfax. I quickly realized that I really just wanted to be a wizard of immeasurable power and influence, and the horse-dream fell by the wayside… fortunately for the horse that I would’ve undoubtedly neglected. I may not be a wizard, but Protohype and Khemehk sure are in their own right. The drums are diverse and crisp. The arpeggios are simple and non-obtrusive, letting the lighter piano melodies seep into the foreground before dropping in like an amphetamine-jacked Rodney Mullen. Sound quality gets an “A.” The reverb on the lighter elements is just perfect.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Zedd – Scorpion Move

Zedd – Scorpion Move by Zedd

Love me some Zedd. I saw Zedd perform alongside Skrillex and Porter Robinson at the tail-end of last years Owsla Tour, and I was hooked. The guy can put on a show, which is really saying something for someone who’s also extremely talented in the studio. The lead-in keys are loungy, bright and peaceful. The snare sizzles with attitude, and the hi-hats are going absolutely nuts, somehow without getting in the way. Just when you think it’s going to get stale, Zedd switches it up just right and keeps the interest flowing. The best part of this song (IMO) is the part where he rips the floor out from under it on the ones; you can just… barely… hear a little reverb tailing off the end of the bass, and making the brief silence feel truly massive. Headphone this bitch.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Love and Light Remix)

MUSE “Knights of Cedonia” (LOVE AND LIGHT REMIX) FREE WAV!!! by Love and Light

Muse are probably one of the first bands that I just LOVED. I saw them play in Detroit a few years ago for the Black Holes and Revelations tour, and it was a game-changing event for me. Though I haven’t seen Love & Light in person,  they seem like the kind of group that would dominate the festival scene. Hearing this certainly brings back good vibes, seeing how electro and dub have completely truncated my ability to stay interested in any other music (like Muse… which, don’t get me wrong, I still love ’em). This remix is a fun reinterpretation. The high marks go to arrangement. Unfortunately, the bass-lead is really very linear, and gets boring quickly. Nevertheless, a good one to briefly blow some minds with at a festival.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Figure – Dominate

Dominate by Figure by

Super dissonant bass loops with a heavy cutoff carry you into this track, led along by twisted breakbeats and minimal samples. The feel is like that of a seventies car-flick, until the fat bass drops in and brings the whole piece up to speed. Figure never fails to impress. I mean it literally. I haven’t hear one release from this guy that wasn’t on the mark. He has a distinct, horrorshow style that translates well into almost any genre he “dominates.” If anyone deserves more attention from the scene right now, it’s Figure.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Big Boi – Shutterbug (Unlimited Gravity Remix)

Shutterbug by Big Boi (Unlimited Gravity Remix) by

Get your chain, we’re going clubbing. This one bounces like a great party. It’s rich with glassy, hip-hop vocals and clean sweeps. Its leads are dynamic and amorphous, refusing to bore. The energy level is somehow through-the-roof, while the groove is relaxed and open. It makes for a great balance of head-bobbing, bottle-popping, ass-grinding awesomeness. For feeling so club-friendly, though, Unlimited Gravity isn’t afraid to bring the filth here and there, either.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Drake, Eminem & Lil Wayne vs Feed Me – Forever CloudBurn (DOSVEC Mashup)

Forever CloudBurn by Feed Me vs Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne (DOSVEC Mashup) by

What’s this? Another sick mashup? That’s right bassfiends, Feed Me’s “Cloudburn” gets an involuntary triple-insertion from “Forever” by Drake, Em and Weezy. (“Cloudburn” was asking for it, if you want my opinion.) This is another great example of what I was talking about in the Karetus mashup up at the top. I never would’ve seen these two songs going together so well, but damn… the raps just fit. The only problem is that it makes me want to listen to “Cloudburn” again on its own… which I guess is an easy problem to solve.


  • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Stizreth – Lover’s Night

Lover’s Night by Stizreth

More Stizreth! I know this one isn’t for everyone, but I’m really interested in this artist nonetheless. Don’t expect it to drop on you, this is more for zoning out to. The melodies are strong and unique. The voicing is unbelievably well chosen, and the ambiance is unmatched. Stizreth’s music taps into a vein of human understanding that most seem to have forgotten; it takes you to another world. The fading, time-shifts, and environmental qualities of this track are so masterfully rendered that it makes one wonder where Stizreth found the magic formula.


  • FREE MIX DOWNLOAD: Doorly – Rinse FM Radio Show

Doorly – Rinse FM Radio Show / Podcast 10th Oct 2011 by doorly

Here’s a free cut from Rinse FM, featuring Doorly. It’s almost an hour and a half of free, mixed tunage, so be sure not to pass this one up! Just ignore the obnoxious DJ ducking in the beginning.


  • FREE MIX DOWNLOAD: Torqux – Jaguar Skills Mix (BBC Radio 1)

Torqux – Jaguar Skills Mix BBC Radio 1 by Torqux

Here’s another free Mix for you. This one’s a lot shorter, but Torqux makes excellent use of his time. Just when you think you’re settled in, he switches shit up on you and keeps it moving forward. The quick changes make for a banging ten minutes, and the transitions are professionally executed, keeping all of the seams out of view. Groove out to this mix for a while. Drop it at a party and pretend your DJing, everyone will think you’re really good.


Well, that’s all for this weeks DROP. I’ve guthooked the internet, and drained it for all it’s worth for a week. Come back next time around for another dose of free bass music, rood bois and girls. Peace unto you, brothers and sisters of the heavier clef. Now, go forth and bang!

Jake W





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