Daddy Yankee Cancels Tour, Makes Promoter’s Eyes Bleed


Rapper Daddy Yankee is in hot water this morning following a lawsuit who claims stress from cancelled Argentinian tour caused him to bleed from his eyes.

TMZ is reporting that Yankee, after accepting an $820,000 advance from a concert promoter in Argentina and agreeing to extend his stay to a 10-date tour for another $480,000, refused to make good on the deal only days away from the first show because the promoter would not send him the final $480,000 in advance. The promoter even went as far as to guarantee it upon Yankee’s arrival in Argentina, but Yankee refused.

The promoter, otherwise known as Diego Hernan De Iraola, claims the stress and humiliation of this entire event caused him to experience nosebleeds, high blood pressure, and yes, even bleeding from eyes.

Oh, and Daddy did not return that original $820,000.

Iraola wants the original advance back, as well as an as-of-yet unknown amount for damages caused to his personal and professional life.

No comment from Daddy Yankee as of this post, but we will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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