Brian Southall and Justin Pierre begin new project

The Company We Keep

The year of 2011 has seen a lot of band breakups and hiatuses. While this is sad and discouraging in a way, its disbandment that gives room for new acts to push through and form up. Today we have the pleasure of announcing that a new project has formed up with The Receiving End of Siren’s Brian Southall and Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre.

The project has been dubbed The Company We Keep. The project’s internet debut was a mere 4 days ago. A tweet and Facebook update announcing that rehearsals had begun studio time was set for the following week. Yesterday, Justin Pierre’s involvement was announced and the duo headed to the studio today to begin tracking in Philadelphia.

It's going down.

This is looking to be an interesting project. The two are accomplished musicians that can only succeed with their combined ideas and talents. New music is on it’s way. I’m sure the band will be updating as they work in the studio, so stay tuned here and on their social networks.

Speaking of which, follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

Jacob Tender

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