Monday Midday Mind-Melter: Every Beatles song layered on each other


It’s been awhile since my last mind melting feature and there is a reason for that. What began as a weekly column to start off your week with something you’ve never seen before became forced to me. Content wasn’t really that cool so I abstained from posting it. Why bore you? I’ve decided to save things I think are cool and release them on Mondays as per the usual, but possibly less frequently.

Today I’ve got something I think is pretty cool. When you think of the Beatles you think of hits like “Revolution” or “Strawberry Fields” right? Most people can’t say that they have listened to the entire discography of the Fab Four, and that’s fine. What if I told you that in around 8 minutes you could listen to every single song The Beatles recorded, all at once. I’m not saying you’re going to learn the tunes to lesser known favorites, but this is pretty weird and i think it deserves some of your time.

Take a listen to this layered medley assembled by British DJ Ramjac. The songs are layered with the ends aligned. So, first you’ll hear “Revolution 9” and “Hey Jude” and so on as the tracks get shorter in length. The end is a near unlistenable mess. There is no hidden messages here, so those searching for the truth behind the REAL Paul McCartney need not waste their time here.  The song can be found inside. Take a listen.

All Together Now – Everything the Beatles ever did. by ramjac

Jacob Tender

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